Why we need a new political party in Canberra

Politics can be complex and confusing, and the challenge for the Nationals is to find the right mix of policy and messaging to address complex and evolving political realities.

That’s why the Nationals need a party with a mix of left and right, conservative and progressive values.

Read moreNationals leader Barnaby Joyce has a strong mandate, with more than 60 per cent of Australians saying they would vote for him in the 2019 election.

The party has its roots in the 1980s, when the party’s leader, Ian Macdonald, ran in the WA Senate for the first time.

Joyce won the seat, and won his first election in 1989, before the then-Liberal government was swept into power in 1992.

The National party has since enjoyed a string of successful governments, including the last of the Newman Government in the 2015 election.

It has also been an effective voice for multiculturalism, with Joyce saying last year that Australia’s “culture wars” were about to “blow up”.

But the Nationals are struggling to attract enough voters to be a serious contender in a country that has the highest percentage of ethnic minority voters of any Australian state.

In this week’s federal election, the Liberals swept across most of Victoria and the ACT, and Labor’s seat of Griffith narrowly defeated the Nationals in Queensland.

It is a race between the two most conservative political parties in Australia.

Joyce, who was the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leader of the Nationals, is the first Indigenous leader in Australian history.

His election as leader came after the election of Labor’s Julia Gillard, who led the party from 2001 to 2007.

Joyces father, Frank, was a member of the Tasmanian Labor Party and a member in the Labor government.

Joycraft, who has a degree in political science, said he was not a political novice.

“I’ve been a politician for over 40 years,” he said.

“I know how to win elections.

I’ve been in Parliament for almost 25 years.”

Joyces family is from the New South Wales Aboriginal community, and he is also a member.

He said he would “absolutely” support the Nationals if they were to run again in 2019.

A recent poll showed the party could lose just over 30 per cent support in the seat of Manly, with the Greens at 11 per cent.

But Joyce said the party was “well positioned” in the electorate and had “an excellent team” in place to run it effectively.

The Nationals have also been hit by a recent series of controversies, with two former staff members accusing them of sexual harassment.

The party also has a long history of making controversial policy changes.

The Nationals’ first federal election was held in 1989.

That was a “watershed” year for the party, with Labor, the Liberal National Party and the Greens all losing seats.

Since then, the Nationals have seen three Labor-led governments, with three Coalition-led ones.

The current leader, Scott Morrison, is also the first Liberal-National leader in history to lose his seat.

Joyners predecessor, Pauline Hanson, won a seat for the ALP in 2016.

In 2019, the party will have to try and win a seat in the Victorian Parliament from the Greens, which has just one seat.

In the ACT election last year, the Greens took all four seats.

The Greens are hoping to make history by taking the seat from the Nationals.

Nationals candidate Peter van der Werf, who is a former member of Labor, is one of a number of Greens who have made the switch to the Greens in the past.

He said the Greens’ “green message” would help the party win seats.

“The Greens will bring us a fairer, stronger Australia,” he told the ABC’s AM program.

Van der Werfer said the Green Party was the only party he could see that had “a coherent agenda”.

The Greens also have a strong history of “green economics”, with the party founding the Environment Party in 1956 and setting up a network of non-government organisations and advocacy groups.

However, Van der Werff said he felt the Greens were “not ready” to “go the whole hog” and set up a party.

“There’s not a lot of green economics, you know, really any sort of green energy,” he added.

While the Greens do not have a full policy platform, they do have a “plan” to address some of the challenges facing the party.

For instance, Van den Werff wants the party to increase the number of women MPs from three to 10.

He also wants a more “strong” party policy to ensure the party can “fight” the government if it becomes too radical.

“We are not really sure what it means to have a Greens party, but we want it to be more of a credible opposition,” he explained.

“And we are not a party that’s going to sit back and let the Liberal party be in charge of Australia

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