Political Machine is ‘The Best Podcast of the Year,’ Says Its Producer

When I sat down with political machine producer and longtime Clinton confidante David Axelrod on Sunday to discuss the upcoming elections, he said the show’s mission is to be a vehicle for “making people think.”

And while it may not always be a good thing for political operatives to be out of touch with the electorate or have their ideas undercut by a candidate’s policies, he thinks the show is actually a “great vehicle” for political discussion.

“We want to be the best podcast of the year,” he said.

“And I think the best podcasts of the past five years, the best political podcast, have been really well-run, really well produced.

And I think that’s what’s different this year.”

I asked if the show had any advice for people who are thinking about running for office in the coming months.

“That’s a good question, because I think if you’re in the business of talking politics, I think you should do it,” Axelrod said.

So why would anyone want to take the job of political consultant?

Because it’s a job that is a great way to raise money for a political candidate and, in some ways, to help shape the narrative of a presidential campaign.

But there are also other benefits to having a political consultant.

“When you have a political operation and you’re a consultant, you’re able to have a much more intimate relationship with your client and you can talk to your client about specific issues and make decisions on what they need to know about the other candidates,” Axeld said.

The show also offers some political advice to voters, particularly when it comes to the media.

“It’s one of those things that the people who run these campaigns, they are not very good at, but it’s one thing that they do,” Axelrad said.

They’re not connecting with their voters.””

What they’re doing is they’re not talking to their voters.

They’re not connecting with their voters.”

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