How to read the signs of political polarization

T-shirts, bumper stickers and bumper stickers are not new to this year’s election season.

But they’ve been getting a bit more attention lately as the candidates of both parties, and their opponents, have begun to use them to promote their own campaigns.

The candidates have been trying to use the bumper stickers, t-shirts and other forms of political messaging to get their message across, in a bid to appeal to people who are often turned off by the parties and candidates.

And, while these types of political advertisements are not inherently divisive, some have been deemed offensive, and even threatening, to some.

Here are some of the more common signs that you should be paying attention to when you’re looking for signs of polarization in your political landscape:Sign One: “Poverty, crime, and more”The word “poverty” is often a sign of discord in political discourse.

While it may be a simple way to draw a distinction between wealthy and poor people, it can also be used as a way to insult those who are in the lower income brackets.

For example, one of the Republican candidates for the US House of Representatives, Representative Justin Amash, used a bumper sticker in his campaign that read, “Let’s not give $15 minimum wage to the rich and have it be indexed to inflation.”

While it is not explicitly racist, the message was offensive and racist, and was quickly picked up by other Republicans.

“In this case, the candidate is making a racially insensitive and racially divisive argument,” Sarah Kliff wrote in the Washington Post.

“In the face of this message, the Republican candidate should be fired.

But the fact is that the message, if it is taken at face value, is offensive to millions of Americans, and is certainly not a racist comment.”

Sign Two: “This election is about you”It may be the only sign that the candidates have not used this in a political advertisement, but it has been used by many candidates and political parties in recent years.

“This year’s elections are about us,” President Donald Trump has said.

“They’re about you.

They’re about how we are going to rebuild our country.

We’ve got to do this for you.”

It is an interesting idea.

But it is also one that is at odds with how Americans perceive themselves.

In fact, one recent poll showed that only 13% of Americans thought that Trump’s rhetoric and policies were about them.

Sign Three: “Trump is a racist”The term “racist” is not an offensive term, but the idea of “racial” in its various forms has become controversial, especially in the US.

In the past, the word has been linked to racism and xenophobia, but in recent times, the term has also been used to describe people who believe in different things or ideologies.

For example, the “Nero Factor” bumper sticker for the Republican Party in the USA states that “This year, we’re looking to add more white people, people of color to our side.”

The term is also used to refer to a person who is perceived as “un-American” or “unqualified.”

Sign Four: “Obama and Democrats have been doing more for the poor than the rich”Presidential candidates have used the term “Obama” and “Democrats” to describe each other, in an attempt to make a point about who is benefiting from the policies and programs of the two major political parties.

“Obama’s economic policies are a giveaway to Wall Street and big business,” a Democratic candidate for president has said, and another Democratic candidate said, “President Obama’s policies are helping the wealthy and the powerful get richer.”

This has become an offensive phrase to many, and the idea that one candidate is doing more to help the poor has been considered insulting.

The more that’s done for the wealthy, the more they feel like they’re benefiting.””

It’s about the politics, and if it’s about politics, why is it offensive?

The more that’s done for the wealthy, the more they feel like they’re benefiting.”

Sign Five: “The Democrats are going backwards”As you may know, it was the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, who claimed that the Democrats are “going backwards” on their policies, and have “done a lot worse for the middle class.”

He even suggested that Democrats should not “take a chance” on the middle-class voters who elected them.

The Republican candidates have responded by saying that this is just one candidate, and that the party is “not afraid to be the party of the people.”

Sign Six: “If the Republicans don’t win, it’s time for them to go”The Republican Party has often been the party that has been the most vocal on the issues that have helped the middle and working classes.

For instance, the Republicans were the first party to

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