Change political party to the HNP

The National Party is now in a new political party and it’s headed by a former MP who lost his seat in the 2016 election.

Hannah Polites, who had been the leader of the National Party for nearly 20 years, announced her new party on Monday.

She had led the party since 2015, when she was elected to Parliament and won the seat in 2015.

Her new party, which is called the National Greens Party, will be run by two former MPs: former MP Andrew Littlejohn and MP Scott Ludlam.

The party will run under the slogan: “A new politics, a new Australia.”

They will take the same position as the National Liberal Party and the Greens, which are not aligned with the Liberals but are in opposition.

The Greens will also be in opposition, but the new party will not have any MPs, nor will it have a national council, and its leaders will be elected by members of the local party.

Polites said the Greens would aim to create “a strong, independent voice for Australia’s future” and said the new political group was not in opposition because the National Government was unable to do so.

“We are committed to building an alternative politics, one that respects and promotes diversity, democracy, fairness and inclusion,” she said.

“It is an opportunity for the Greens to unite behind a common goal, one where the Greens are the only party that represents the Australian people, in a country where the politics of fear and division are so dominant.”

The party’s first policy announcement on the group was a commitment to support all women and girls, and a commitment not to discriminate against any groups, regardless of race, gender, disability, sexuality, religion, age, sexual orientation or national origin.

The group’s new name will be “Australian Greens Party”.

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