Why you should read the bible

The first thing to understand is that this is not a political typological quiz.

The book of Matthew is a political narrative.

That is, the book is a history of a Christian nation.

It is not about political issues, and it is not anti-government.

It doesn’t even have a title.

Matthew was written to describe the political state of the Roman Empire and its treatment of its people.

The Romans and their empire, the Bible tells us, were the first to make war on the Christian God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christians of the time were being persecuted for their beliefs, their beliefs about Christ.

The Bible tells the story of the first century Jews in exile in Babylon, who fled to a land called Palestine.

The first Christians there fled to Palestine and were known as the “lost tribe of Israel.”

Matthew tells us about the Roman invasion of Judea in AD 70.

It was the beginning of the Christian Inquisition.

That’s how the Bible describes the persecution of the Jewish people in the last days.

As a result, the Jews were stripped of their religious and political rights.

The Christian leaders in Rome who had persecuted the Jews for centuries, were now going to do the same to Christians.

Christianity, the bible says, was now a persecuted religion.

The end of the book, then, is a historical description of the events that occurred in the first centuries.

The Roman Empire was the world’s greatest empire.

It ruled from the late seventh century BC until AD 70, and the book tells us how that empire was conquered and ruled over.

Matthew tells the tale of how the Romans came to be in Judea and how they eventually became the first Christians.

The story is full of detail.

In fact, Matthew tells his story in such detail that the Hebrew text he uses in his text is so precise that you can literally hear the story in your own ear.

The Gospel of Mark tells a similar story.

Matthew’s book of Mark is a story of a time when the Jews came to the Jewish city of Jerusalem and sought to establish themselves there.

They sought to destroy Christianity.

They were driven out.

The Jews had to flee from Judea, to a place called Tyre, in the area between Syria and Jordan.

The city of Tyre was the capital of the kingdom of the Jews.

It became known as Jerusalem.

The Jewish leader who became the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, was the son of Joseph, and Jesus was born of Mary, the mother of Joseph.

He became the “son of the woman that had borne me.”

That’s Matthew.

But that’s not all.

The Old Testament also tells us of the “new” Israel, which the Jews called the “house of Israel” (or the “House of Israel”) after the name of the city that was to be built on the site of Jerusalem.

In other words, the “New Israel” was the first Jewish people.

And the story that Matthew tells in Matthew is also a story about how the “firstborn” of the new Israel were the Jews who had escaped the persecution in Judeas.

So, it’s a story that tells us what happened to the Jews after the first exodus from the land of Judeas in AD 66.

That story tells us that the new Jewish people were driven from the city of Nazareth and fled to the land that was called “Israel” and became the people of the New Testament, who were called the Christian people.

When the New Apostolic Reformation happened, the New Israel, the Jewish nation, came under attack by the Roman army in AD 73.

That conflict took place in AD 74.

The New Testament tells us the story, and Matthew tells it in such a detailed way that it is almost impossible to understand what is going on in the New Jerusalem.

This is the New Age, when the New Church was being founded, and when the Bible was being revised and translated.

Matthew is one of the few authors of the Bible to give us an accurate account of the early years of Christianity.

This book is called Matthew, after the Hebrew word for “first.”

The Hebrew word used in the Greek Bible is parete.

The word in the Hebrew Bible means “to say” or “to utter.”

The word paretes is a Greek word that means “exclamation.”

So, the word parelte means “first,” and that is what the book of Hebrews is really all about.

The Book of Hebrew contains a description of what the Jewish community in Jerusalem looked like when Jesus Christ came to restore the Jewish faith.

The Hebrew Book of Revelation contains a very similar account of Jesus’ mission in Jerusalem.

Both of these books are the first writings of the ancient Christian prophets.

And both of them tell us that they were eyewitnesses of what was happening in Jerusalem in AD 67.

In addition, Matthew also tells the Jewish story in its historical context.

The gospel is a collection of stories that were written by the Jewish leaders at the time.

And in each chapter, Matthew

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