Why is Australia’s political map so messy?

Posted February 06, 2018 04:11:59 Australian political map is a mess of political labels and voting intention, as well as an ever-shifting electorate of seats and parties.

We asked political experts to give us their top three political maps, and to share their thoughts on the mess.


Politics map: A mix of regional and national boundaries and a mix of voting intention The political map that has been handed down from the old political parties and the new one is a mixed bag.

This year’s map is the most polarised yet, with many seats in Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria having more or less the same voting intention as last year’s.

This is the map that the Coalition has been using, and it is a good one.

It is a mix that gives us some pretty interesting and unique regional boundaries.

For example, in Western Australia, the seat of Wivenhoe, which is in Western Victoria, has an electorate with a population of just over 200,000.

But the electorate has a population density of just about 8,000, and is divided into five separate ridings: Wivenhoe, Kwinana, Dandenong, Cottesloe, and Gladstone.

The five different seats are not evenly distributed between the five districts, but there are clearly regional boundaries that will be drawn into the next federal election.

If this map is ever to be used, the next state election will have to be a bit different, because it will need to be drawn in a different way to the previous election.


Political map: Not a complete map of the country’s boundaries The map that was passed down from old political groups is a more complete map, but it also contains some of the most complicated voting intention boundaries in the country.

This map has five regions that have voting intention thresholds that have changed over time, and there is also a map that shows the states boundaries.

If you’re going to be using this map, make sure you know which states you are using.

The maps below give you an idea of how the voting intention maps have evolved over time.

For the last election, for example, Victoria was divided into two parts, the Upper and Lower electorates, but the two regions have now been split between each state.

This has made it very difficult for the Coalition to draw a clear boundary between Upper and Upper-Midland.

This could have a big impact on the party’s fortunes in Victoria, as the Liberals can lose Upper-Melbourne and Midland if the Coalition is elected.

It could also affect the Coalition’s position in South Australia, which will be split into South Melbourne and West Adelaide.

But there are also some areas where it’s hard to tell whether the Coalition or Labor has won.

For instance, the two-seat seat of North Melbourne is divided in two, with the electorate of North Ballarat having a population around 50,000 and a voting intention of 55 per cent.

That means the Coalition currently holds the Upper-West and Upper East electorates.

If the Coalition were to win that seat, the Coalition would then hold the Upper East and Upper West electorates as well.

If Labor were to hold the North Ballar electorate, then the two electorates would each have a voting desire of 45 per cent, making it a two-horse race.

The result of this vote would be known as a hung parliament, and the Coalition could still win the seat.


Political maps: Mixed map, mixed outcome The map above shows the boundary changes that have occurred since last year.

The election result will likely be a mixed one.

If a majority of votes come from the Lower East, for instance, it would give the Liberals a very narrow majority.

But if it comes from the Upper West, the Liberals could easily win the Upper House and be in power for several more years.

If, however, the Lower West votes go to Labor, then it will likely see the Liberals retain power.

This will be the biggest change to the map in recent years, as a majority in the Upper South and Lower East will almost certainly be a minority.

The biggest change will be that of Tasmania, which could be a hung state.

But Tasmania has two seats that could swing the balance of power in Tasmania.

In Western Australia’s Upper North West, there is an electorate that has a voting preference of about 20,000 people.

But in Tasmania’s Upper South, there are two seats with voting preferences of just under 20,500 people.

The two seats will be very different electorates in Tasmania, as these seats are geographically distinct from each other.

It will be important for the Liberals to get these seats.

In the Lower South, for its part, there will be two seats in the Lower North West that could potentially swing the result.

In South Australia’s Lower North East, there may well be two voters in the state that could be key in the outcome of the state’s election.

But this is a marginal seat, and not in

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