Why do politicians lie? And what can we do to stop them?

Posted September 12, 2018 16:22:56 The politics of lie, as it is commonly called, is a powerful tool in modern politics.

Politicians are rarely held accountable for their lies and the consequences can be devastating.

Politically charged issues such as global warming and climate change, terrorism and the threat of Islamic extremism are among the most-debated issues.

The debate around lying in politics has grown louder and more heated since the election of Donald Trump.

The 2016 US election has seen the rise of the alt-right, an anti-immigration movement that seeks to bring the United States under a strict version of multiculturalism.

Trump himself was criticised for his repeated false statements about the nature of climate change and the economy.

Trump supporters also saw their candidate, Hillary Clinton, as a dangerous “globalist” and a threat to the US, particularly as it relates to international trade.

Trump’s lie-detector test The lie detector test is a common method of testing for lying.

The test is designed to detect the difference between an authentic statement and a statement that may have been made in a deceptive manner.

The test is also used to measure whether someone is lying when they are making a statement.

To test whether someone lied, people first have to decide whether to give an honest answer or a false one.

This is done by assessing the degree of agreement between the two statements.

People are given two tests: a simple lie detector and a more complex lie detector.

The lie detectors are both simple and simple, and the lie detector is more complicated.

People can choose to answer both the simple and the complex lie detectors in order to get a true or a lie.

For example, a person might answer the simple lie detectors, saying “I have never lied in the past”, or “I don’t know how to answer the truth questions”.

A person who has never lied may also say, “I’m just not sure”.

The more complex the test, the more likely they are to give the answer to the simple test.

The simple lie test is not a reliable test for lying, but it is useful when determining whether someone lies, and it can be used to test a person’s honesty.

The political machine has a number of ways of ensuring that lies are not told and that lies will not be taken seriously.

Politicians lie when they talk about policies or their own personal lives.

They lie when saying they will help someone else, or when saying that their policies will solve problems.

They also lie when claiming they are the best person to tell them a truth, when their personal qualities or abilities are being questioned, or if their answers do not match what they are being asked to say.

Politically charged policies and issues are also routinely misrepresented.

In the last election, politicians were asked to state the cost of a carbon tax, the price of a car, the impact of climate policy, and other controversial topics.

In a way, the political machine is a weapon of the state, to use its power to push policy that suits its interests and to make it sound like it is the best solution to the problem.

Politicising the newsThe political process is one of the most important ways of making decisions.

Politicising a news story is the opposite of a deliberative process.

It is the act of putting politics ahead of facts and reason.

The power of the political media lies in its ability to control and manipulate the public perception.

Politics, like most other forms of power, can be wielded by those who have a vested interest in the outcome.

For example, political activists can lobby for the right to vote for their preferred candidate, or they can try to influence the election outcome through media coverage.

Political activism has a long history in Australia, but was largely ignored by the mainstream media during the 2016 election.

Political activism is usually about influencing public opinion and making a case for change.

It can be achieved through political lobbying, by influencing the way the public perceives events and issues, or through other means.

For some political activists, the politics of the media is also a powerful weapon.

For instance, there are many media outlets that have a bias against certain candidates.

Politico, the liberal US news website, is notorious for its bias against liberal candidates.

It was accused of giving “fake news” to the general public during the US election campaign, and also published fake articles about Donald Trump, which included accusations that he had been the victim of a sexual assault.

It was also accused of “misrepresenting” the US government on the use of a foreign drone by the United Kingdom, as well as making misleading statements about Trump.

PolitiFact, a fact-checking website, recently concluded that the Trump campaign had been lying when it said Trump had “a very good relationship” with the Chinese government.

The article said Trump was in fact in a “warm” relationship with Xi Jinping.

Politifact did not find any instances of Trump lying

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