Which political party will lead the charge to clean up the Democratic Party?

The biggest obstacle to bipartisanship in Washington is a party that is too divided, not only in terms of ideology, but also in terms the number of members and donors.

That has made it more difficult for bipartnership to occur.

The most recent example of bipartnery was the Obama-Clinton deal on the Affordable Care Act, which has been the most divisive of the president’s two major health care initiatives.

The president has used the election as an opportunity to press Democrats to reach out to Republicans and try to win back the Senate.

The GOP’s recent push for health care reform, which is expected to fail, was also a chance to win over Democrats, and both parties have come to the agreement on the plan.

But it hasn’t helped much, and many in the party are not even sure if it will pass.

The two parties haven’t even agreed on how to tackle climate change, which would be a major test for the White House and Democrats, who have made no moves toward the deal.

The Democratic Party has been split for decades over its positions on key issues, such as trade and immigration, and the divisions have been deep.

Democrats, in particular, are worried about their ability to govern, and have been wary of taking on Trump.

But the party has struggled to build an identity of its own, and it hasn�t been able to convince voters to vote for it, especially when the election is so close. That hasn�re contributed to the party’s continued reliance on the same old establishment politics.

A few years ago, it was difficult to see the party winning seats in the House and Senate.

Democrats lost the White Senate race to a tea party-backed candidate.

Democrats also lost the House majority in the midterm elections.

Now, even the president is running in 2020, and his party is on the outside of Washington.

It�s an awkward time for the party, as it tries to rebrand and move forward, especially if it can’t win the White Congress.

But there are signs the party is beginning to think about what the next steps are.

Democrats have started a new committee to investigate what happened in the 2016 election, which will also include a new set of standards for vetting presidential candidates, the same approach that was used during the Obama years.

And they have started looking into whether it�s possible for party leaders to find common ground on issues like immigration, trade and climate change.

It would be more effective if both parties started to have a discussion, said David Axelrod, a former White House chief strategist.

Axelrod and other Democrats say the party should look for common ground, and make progress on issues that would help the party move forward.

For example, the party could put a higher priority on the border wall, or push back on Trump for the first time.

Another idea is to try to pass a bill that would create more opportunities for young people to work and earn a decent living.

That is another area where the president and the Democratic leaders seem to agree.

But Axelrod said the party needs to put some work into building a national party infrastructure.

They need to show that they are capable of building a strong coalition of grassroots organizations.

Democrats need to take the time to get it right, he said.

And it is also important that the party makes progress in other areas.

For instance, the president, as he does every time he tries to reach across the aisle, is taking a hard look at some of the issues he has raised in the past.

He wants to do a better job of explaining what he thinks and does.

He is taking an increasingly critical look at his party’s policies.

If you look at a party, there is always going to be some areas where you will disagree with the president on some issues, and some areas that are not going to work for the president.

But if you are a politician, there are a lot of areas where there is no disagreement.

That will give you a chance for some of those disagreements to be resolved, said former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, a Democrat who is now a political commentator on CNN.

That process can be slow, and sometimes the disagreements can lead to fights, Daschler said.

The White House is also looking at whether to hire a more experienced political director to help with the party building process.

Democrats are also looking to the future of the party.

They have been trying to do things like nominate a former Supreme Court justice to lead the party and a veteran to lead a new fundraising group.

But they are looking for the most experienced leader who is going to get things done and lead the country in a new and different way.

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