When Trump loses big league, why should we care?

When the presidential election was in full swing, there were several national debates on Fox News on the evening of Nov. 5, 2017, the day before the election.

But there was no one in the Republican Party who was discussing the 2016 presidential election.

A few months earlier, in late August, the 2016 Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, had been elected president.

Trump had lost the general election, and there was little indication that the 2016 campaign was going to affect his standing with Republican voters.

In the wake of Romney’s loss, there was some talk about a potential Republican presidential bid in 2020, but it never materialized.

In recent months, Trump’s presidency has become an especially important political issue for Republicans, who were not happy with his handling of the Russia investigation, his failure to release his tax returns, his attacks on the 2016 election, his decision to fire the FBI director James Comey, his handling the Russia probe, and his continued attempts to undermine the credibility of the intelligence community.

It is this dissatisfaction with the president that is driving Republican presidential candidates to push for changes to the party platform and candidates are now seeking to capitalize on the momentum that the election has created.

On the eve of the 2020 election, one candidate who is eager to capitalize is Chris Christie, who ran for president in 2016.

As a New Jersey governor, Christie led a Republican wave that swept Christie into the White House and was rewarded with a win in the 2018 midterm elections.

But in the 2016 general election and after the election, Christie found himself with a reputation for not being a strong conservative.

Christie has now won his own political battle against his own party, which has been working to unify the party behind Trump.

In September, the Republican National Committee released a document titled “Making America Great Again: A Plan to Make America Safe, Prosperous, and Secure Again.”

In it, the RNC outlined a set of conservative policies to make America “great again.”

Among the ideas in the document was the passage of the “Trump Tax Plan” — which would eliminate tax deductions for middle class families, provide $50,000 to every state’s education budget, and provide $10,000 a year for each child to go to private school.

As the New York Times reported, the tax plan would raise taxes on the middle class, particularly by eliminating the estate tax, which affects people who inherit a lot of assets and are taxed at a lower rate.

Trump has argued that his plan would be an enormous boost to the middle-class, arguing that it would provide a $1 trillion windfall to the wealthy, but many experts have said that the wealthy are unlikely to contribute that much to the plan.

In November, Trump announced his intention to run for president again, this time with a plan that included a plan to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

The document included a line that said, “President Trump’s plan will make America great again.”

But the Trump plan is not without its critics.

On Friday, the New Jersey attorney general, Jim Porrino, released a report criticizing the plan, calling it “truly unprecedented.”

In the report, he noted that the tax cuts in Trump’s tax plan “would be among the largest ever offered by any president or vice president, and would cost taxpayers billions in additional revenues.”

But Porrinos report also notes that many of the cuts are also paid for by cutting taxes for small businesses and individuals.

While many people would be hurt by a loss in tax revenues, Porrines analysis of the plan found that there is “little evidence that the Trump tax cuts are necessary to make our country great again, and the tax reductions are largely unrelated to their effect.”

For the Republican establishment, the plan is a major win for the Trump agenda, and their next steps are likely to include a renewed push for tax cuts for the rich.

This week, Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus called on the party to move to tax cuts as the next step on the path to making America great.

“The president and the Republicans in Congress have made it clear they’re not going to allow the American people to suffer a tax increase,” Priebus said during a conference call with party members.

“And if you don’t make it easier for people to do that, then we’re not interested in seeing you in office.”

In 2020, Trump won a huge majority of delegates in the GOP primary, and after that, many of his Republican rivals ran for office.

The only Republican running for president who is openly seeking a 2020 run is former New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, who has said he plans to run again.

But for Trump, who is facing a potential primary challenge from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a conservative Republican senator from Texas, and Senator Marco Rubio (R.

FL), a Florida senator, the path forward is far from clear.

The Republican Party is in a bind.

For many Republicans, the 2020 elections provide

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