When Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden ‘fell in love’: Biden says he ‘loved’ his former running mate

On Thursday, Biden announced that he was separating from his longtime running mate, Joe Biden.

“Joe and I are going to be separating,” Biden said in a statement, adding that they “fell in like love.”

But while Biden’s statement may seem like a surprise, the two were a couple for years.

In 2009, Biden and his then-wife, Jill Biden, were both named “Woman of the Year” by the Associated Press.

And in 2012, they were named “Best Couple of 2013” by PEOPLE Magazine.

But Biden’s separation from Jill Biden is notable because it comes less than a year after his son, Beau Biden, became the first child of a vice president to be named to the Forbes 400 list.

And while the former vice president’s son, Hunter Biden, had previously been the first vice president son to be crowned Forbes’ “Man of the Century,” the Biden-Hunter family has never been on the list of Forbes 400 billionaires.

“It’s a lot of work to get the family to be the Man of the Series,” said Jeffery Fagan, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a frequent Biden supporter.

“And Joe has always said that it’s really important that we continue to put his legacy in perspective and not just focus on his life and legacy.”

As part of his effort to reach out to voters, Biden also announced plans to open a Biden Presidential Library in Washington, D.C. Biden said the new library will focus on “issues important to the nation,” including the economy, education, and healthcare.

And the Biden Presidential Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports the vice president, said it will provide a scholarship to a Biden-related student in the future.

Biden also said he plans to create a Biden Center to educate Americans about the vice presidency and the vice presidential library, which he said will be a hub for Biden’s ideas.

And he announced plans in January to host a Biden Dinner, a fundraising event that will feature Biden and other celebrities.

“What I’m really looking forward to is the Biden dinner, where Biden can show up, the vice presidents, and everyone will be looking at him like he’s the next pope,” said Fagan.

“The Biden dinner is a great opportunity to show that we are not just the party of the past, but we are the party for the future.”

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