The Australian political landscape is shifting: What you need to know

The Australian electoral system is a messy affair and that means the political landscape has shifted in the past few years.

But what we do know about the current political landscape can help you make informed decisions about where to vote and who to support.

The electoral map has changed.

There is a large number of new parties, many of which are not necessarily the ones you want to support but can nevertheless offer you something to vote for.

There are more than 50 independents and minor parties.

There is a new party, the Green Party, that has attracted some of the most attention in recent years.

Some parties have changed names in the last few years, such as the ACT Greens and the Green Left, and the Australian Socialist Party.

In addition to these parties, there are a variety of independents, including the Australian Labor Party, the Australian Christian Lobby, the Christian Party, and One Nation.

These independents are not the same as Labor, the Liberal Party, or the National Party.

Each of these parties has their own strengths and weaknesses.

But there are more independents than there used to be, and many of them are doing well.

AAP/David Crosling: The key changes in the 2016 election.

Independents have also become more prominent, and this is a good thing.

Independent parties are more representative of their members than Labor, and they can offer a greater range of views than Labor and the Liberal party.

It’s not clear how many of these independents are really representative of Australia’s electorate.

For example, some independents who support abortion rights, for example, are more likely to support other policies.

Other independents who are pro-choice or have strong anti-corruption views, for instance, are also more likely than Labor to vote in their party’s favour.

While the political parties are not as unified as they were in the 1960s and 1970s, there is a significant number of independents who have made a commitment to support one party or another in the next election.

And in many cases, this will mean voting for one party in the election.

The biggest example is the Greens, which was one of the first parties to get on the ballot paper in the 2012 election.

While it may not seem like a big deal, the Greens were very much in the running in that election.

It is now the largest party in Australia.

This was also the case in the 2015 federal election, which also saw a major split between Labor and one of its major opposition parties, the One Nation Party.

The Liberals are also in a similar position, having a very strong showing in the 2013 election, and again in the 2014 federal election.

There have been a number of minor parties who have also gained significant support in recent times.

Some of these have been on the rise in recent weeks, such the Australian Greens and Labor, who have increased their support and numbers.

They are also supported by some independents and independents of the Greens.

For the 2016 federal election there were three major parties: Labor, Liberal, and one that has not yet been determined.

Labor is the largest in the country, with almost half the vote.

The Liberal Party is the second largest, with less than a quarter of the vote, but has the support of a number more independents.

The One Nation and the Greens are the third major parties, and their support is not yet known.

There was no official declaration of the number of seats the major parties will hold in the 2019 election.

This will depend on the outcome of the federal election and the final outcome of any other parties’ federal elections.

Most of the major independents have said that they will support one or more of the minor parties, although they may not necessarily endorse all of them.

But there are exceptions.

In recent years, the National party has been relatively well supported by independents.

However, it is unlikely that it will be the main party in 2019.

We can predict who will win the upcoming federal election in the 2018 election.

Independents will make up a larger share of the electorate in the coming election than they did in the previous one.

The Greens and One Nations will also be the largest parties in the following election.

However they are not likely to be the dominant parties in 2019, as they are no longer the dominant party in all states.

The major parties are also likely to have strong support from people of all ages.

There will be an even greater turnout in 2019 than in 2018.

The main parties will need to appeal to a larger and more diverse voter base in 2019 compared to the past.

However, there may be some new issues that come into play for the major political parties in this election.

Labor and Labor will face increased scrutiny in 2019 from the Australian Electoral Commission and a range of independent and third-party sources, as well as the Greens and their minor party partner.

As the parties are likely to lose seats in 2019 and 2020, it may be worth

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