How Trudeau’s ‘populist’ campaign will affect the country’s future

Trudeau’s Liberals are hoping to put an end to their divisive campaign by focusing on issues that are critical to voters and building a consensus about what the party stands for.

The Liberal party has a long and storied history of promoting diversity, and it has often relied on people of colour to play the part.

The Liberals have campaigned on the theme of building bridges between communities of colour and people of other faiths, backgrounds and genders.

Trudeau and his team hope the party can do the same with the promise of diversity.

In their latest election platform, the Liberals called for a “diverse, inclusive and sustainable future.”

“We will do our part to ensure our country is inclusive of all Canadians and to build bridges to other countries and peoples, regardless of the colour of their skin, gender, sexuality or national origin,” the platform states.

“We will promote equality and equity for all Canadians.”

This is the Liberals’ first election campaign to talk about race and diversity, but there have been some signs of a generational shift in the party’s message.

Trudeau’s team says the party is now focused on creating “a more inclusive, fair and just Canada.”

The platform says the Liberal party is “committed to protecting the most vulnerable in society” and will work to improve the way we all interact with each other and the planet.

“The Liberal Party’s approach to diversity is grounded in a belief that we all have an equal right to live as we choose, free from racial or sexual discrimination and hatred,” it reads.

On Monday, Trudeau’s government introduced legislation to make it illegal to deny someone in the province of Ontario the right to wear a hijab.

Another new policy announcement was that the Liberal government will be introducing legislation to allow people of all ethnicities to have their own language and culture in the House of Commons.

This includes the inclusion of Indigenous languages and cultures in the language act, the party said in a statement.

Despite Trudeau’s promise of a “fresh start,” the Liberals are still in a bit of a mess, and are looking to turn things around.

While the Liberals have made progress in terms of their anti-racism agenda, the issue of racial inequality remains an issue that will remain a sore point.

As CBC News reported in October, the Liberal leadership race is now set to take place among seven candidates.

Some of the more prominent contenders are: David Akin, the former head of the Ontario legislature and a leader of the opposition Ontario Reform Party;

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