How to Know If You’re an ‘Identitarian’

It’s no secret that many people identify as political.

That’s why, when people ask what political party they belong to, they often describe themselves as “identitarian.”

But a new study finds that identifying as a political identity is not the same as identifying as an extremist.

In a new paper, a team of political scientists at the University of Michigan and the University at Buffalo found that identifying with a political party doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an extremist, even if you identify as a liberal.

The researchers conducted two studies, one with 4,500 Americans and another with 6,000 Americans, asking them to rate how political they identify.

The survey participants were then asked how much of a conservative they were, and how much they would like to see the Republican Party take a more conservative line on issues.

The results were shocking.

The conservative participants rated themselves as more liberal than the liberal participants.

The political conservatives scored higher on some political values, like believing in God and that the government is not there to protect the rights of Americans.

But they scored significantly lower on other political values.

They rated themselves less likely to be a member of a party that was pro-choice, pro-gun rights, and opposed to abortion.

And they scored lower on social issues like gay marriage, affirmative action, and immigration.

And what’s really striking is that political identification is not a binary that divides people into liberals and conservatives.

The conservatives who scored the lowest on social values rated themselves the least likely to belong to a political Party that they identify as.

The more conservative participants scored the highest on social and political values–but the less liberal participants scored lowest on those issues.

This finding is significant because it means that political identity isn’t a binary.

It means that identifying one’s political identity as being liberal or conservative does not necessarily mean that you’re a political extremist.

The opposite is true, said Sarah Kiely, a political science professor at the university.

In her experience, when a person identifies as a conservative, she tends to feel more conservative and less liberal than a person who identifies as an “identitarian.”

In other words, she’s more likely to find it more politically convenient to align with her political party.

When people are asked to rate their political identity, they are much more likely than the general population to be conservative.

And when they’re asked to compare themselves to others, they score higher on conservative values, which could reflect the fact that they believe their political values are conservative.

“Our results suggest that people’s political identities are shaped by the way they view themselves,” Kielys said.

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