How to get a new book deal in India – and who is the best fit for your brand

India’s best-known book publisher has been busy in recent months. 

But a handful of books have been written by women who have a clear shot at a lucrative book deal.

Here are the best-selling titles that women have written in India and around the world.1. 

The Bookseller’s Daughter by Lina Jaffrey is a classic novel that captures a certain kind of Indian childhood that is still alive. 

Jaffrey’s narrator is a girl named Rani who is fascinated with books and her favorite author, Sushmita Sen. As an adult, Rani has moved to New York and is now living in an apartment with her friends. 

She enjoys reading and studying books, but she also enjoys spending time with her parents. 

Rani and her friends are fascinated with a boy named Sushmitan who is known as the Bookseller. 

A new generation of Indian readers, the Booksellers have begun to be more vocal in their criticisms of the country’s patriarchal society. 

It is not just about the status quo, however, but also about the power imbalance.2. 

Beware of the Secret in Your Home by Hinti Khatri is a book about the life of a woman who lived in the rural south of India. 

Hinti has been a professional writer for nearly 50 years. 

At one point in her career, she became a regular contributor to a weekly newspaper, the Delhi Press. 

However, she has also had to confront the issue of the gender divide in her work. 

While Hintis books often have a feminist edge, they tend to focus on her personal life and personal growth. 


Vasudeva by Sita Bhattarai is an ambitious young woman who is in search of her dream of becoming a singer and a film star. 

After graduating with a degree in literature from Columbia University, Sita’s career took off with a string of films including The Girl From A Room. 

In her career thus far, she is also known for her role as an actress on The Golden Girls. 


Shri Arundhati Roy by Sonia Anand is an Indian author whose books have won numerous awards. 

Anand, a woman of Indian origin, is best known for the novels The Three Sisters, The Song of Two Girls and Bheel Khand. 


Momma’s Little Girl by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is an award-winning writer who has published over 20 books in English and Hindi. 

Her latest work is titled Mammal Girl. 

Born in India, the young girl who is obsessed with a doll named Momma follows her mother to America to live with her mother, who has moved away to Canada. 


Puja by Prabhjot Singh is a novel about the story of a child who grows up to be a man and a woman. 

Like many of Singh’s books, Pujas is about a child growing up in India.

In Pukarajini, the young woman discovers her passion for literature by writing novels about her experiences in rural India.7. 

My Love for the World by Misha Collins is a story about a boy and a girl in India who are trying to escape from their lives in India by living in the US. 

Collins has been writing about India and India’s history since the late 1990s, and she is known for books like My Beautiful Girls and The Girl Who Wasn’t There.8. 

India is a Beautiful Country by Anupam Kher is a novel that follows a young woman as she tries to change her life in India and around the country. 

Kher’s book is about an Indian woman who leaves home to seek a better life in America. 


Girabhadra: A Novel by Pratibha Patil is a brilliant book that is set in India’s Brahmaputra National Park. 

Patil tells the story about an older woman who was raised in a small town in India but is now married and raising her two daughters. 


Farewell to the Day by Kishore Singh is a memoir about the lives of four young men and a young girl. 

Sitting in the back seat of a bus, the four men and the girl were separated when their father was shot dead in a shootout at the border of the Punjab state of India in 1996. 


Loving: The Story of India’s Women by Shabnam Maharaj is a biography of one of India ‘s most influential women, the first woman to serve as India ‘ s first prime minister.

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