How to change the narrative on the war on terror

On October 3, 2017, the day after President Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum on the fight against terrorism, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach the president.

In a rare show of bipartisan support, Republicans and Democrats in the House of Delegates, and the Senate, voted to convict the president, with the support of all four of his Cabinet secretaries.

And on Thursday, the Senate confirmed the first of the seven defendants charged with crimes against the United States.

The Senate was so unanimous in its support of Trump’s impeachment that it failed to even consider the impeachment charge against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The House of Representative voted to vote on impeachment charges against President Donald Trumps Vice President Mike Pence, who was forced to resign after it was discovered that he had misled the public about the extent of his conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the U; former President Joe Biden; former Attorney General Loretta Lynch; former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn; and others.

And the House Judiciary Committee voted to charge them with the most serious crimes against public confidence, including lying to Congress about their contacts with Russian officials and concealing classified information.

But that’s not what the House’s vote meant.

The purpose of the vote was to send a message to the American people, and to send President Trump a clear message that he is not fit to be the commander in chief.

The majority of House Republicans voted to remove Trump from office, and there are more than a dozen Republicans on the committee who voted for the impeachment.

And if the House Republicans vote to convict Trump, there will be a two-thirds majority in the Senate for the president to remain in office.

In order to send that message to Americans, and send the message that President Trump is not up to the task of being commander in charge of the United State, there is a simple and straightforward way to change that.

We need a new narrative.

What is the current narrative?

If you listen to the mainstream media, the current reality is that the president of the U, Donald Trump, is in violation of the law, and his actions are an abuse of power.

If you think about it, President Trump has been elected president of this country in a landslide, and he has the support and the authority of the American public.

He’s the person who has been able to get the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, and so on.

So there’s no real question that the American voter has a very strong, strong belief that President Donald is not worthy of being president of our country, and that he’s not fit for the job.

And so what that means is that we have to change this narrative.

It means that we need to have a new story that is based on facts and that’s based on the law.

And we need a narrative that tells the American voters, the American American people have had enough.

And that’s the kind of narrative that we’re going to try to put out.

And, you know, what we are going to do is we are putting out a new, fresh narrative about what the facts are, and what the law is, and how President Trump’s actions have been unlawful, and have been mismanaged, and misappropriated.

And those are the kind-of facts that we’ll be telling in a new American narrative.

So the House will vote next week on the House Resolution of Impeachment, which is an act that will give us the ability to take the impeachment to the Senate.

What we have been hearing so far, and we’ve heard from so many people over the last few days, is that there’s an urgency about this.

This is an urgent moment.

And what you’re seeing is the American community waking up to what’s going on, and realizing that there is more than one person in the White House who is in conflict with the law and who should be impeached.

And they are all in violation, so there’s a clear conflict of interest, and they have broken the law over and over again, and it’s time to change their narrative, which I believe will be very effective.

The American people are going.

We know that.

The White House is trying to hide the fact that it is in disarray.

And now, the Congress is starting to look at it.

And there’s going to be a lot of people who will be on the side of the President, and a lot more who will vote in support of the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

We’ll see what happens next week.

I think what’s important is that everybody understands that we are not in a war.

This isn’t an existential war.

We’re not trying to get rid of President Trump.

This has to be about protecting our country.

We have to stop this president from taking us into war.

The facts are that President Mike Flynn, President Joe B. Pence, and President Donald T. Biden have been guilty of breaking the law in their dealings with

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