How the NHL world political maps are changing

News outlets around the world are taking a closer look at the world’s political maps to help fans understand where to go in the world and what to expect from games.

The world’s map has changed, but not the players.

The NHL has a new and updated map, which features players’ names and hometowns.

The league says it has removed a few players’ homes from the new map, including Detroit Red Wings center Henrik Zetterberg, who moved from Montreal to New Jersey in 2018.

Zetterberg was born in Zagreb, Croatia, but moved to Detroit when he was 11.

He played his first NHL game in 2005 and is currently one of the most popular players in the league.

The map has also changed the names of a few of the NHL’s top players, including Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews, Ottawa Senators forward Erik Karlsson and Nashville Predators center Filip Forsberg.

The league’s players’ union, however, said it would not alter the names on the new maps.

Players’ unions in some of the world’ largest cities are calling for a return to the old map, saying the NHL is too busy keeping tabs on players’ whereabouts to give them the attention they deserve.

The New York-based Players’ Association, which represents more than 500,000 NHL players, said its members want to see a return of the old maps, which are more focused on geography than player safety.

It is also calling for more players’ hometowns to be shown in the new version.

The new maps have names like the “United States of America,” which is the most commonly used map, and the “U.S.A.,” which includes more cities than the former map.

The player’s union also wants the new versions to be more easily available to fans on mobile devices.

That would include the NHL Players’ App, which the union says can be downloaded and used to watch games.

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