How much did the NHL get from the lockout? | FiveThirtyEight

FiveThirty Eight is taking a look at the political ramifications of the lockout, including how much the NHL got from the NHLPA, the players union and the league.

We take a look and hear what players and fans thought.

More NHL: | | NHLPA | The story of how the NHL lockout affected hockey in the US, from the players to the players, is fascinating and tells a fascinating story.

In this article, we look at what happened from the beginning and the fallout of the strike, as well as how the lockout affected the league’s finances and players’ livelihoods.

We asked FiveThirtyeight readers to pick their favorite hockey story and the results are in:What happened after the lockout ended:The players union did what any union would do to avoid the political fallout of a lockout, and that is negotiate with the NHL, but it didn’t work.

The players and the union went to court to try to get the NHL to agree to terms that would have required a $5.2 billion contribution to the union.

The NHL didn’t budge, and so the union filed a lawsuit against the league on January 15, 2016.

The NHLPA sued the NHL on January 21, 2016, arguing that the lockout’s terms had harmed the league, its players and its fans.

The league, which had already negotiated a new collective bargaining agreement with the union, refused to budge.

So, the league filed a counterclaim that argued that the NHL and the players had violated antitrust laws by failing to agree on the terms.

The court dismissed the counterclaim, and on January 22, the court ordered a preliminary injunction.

That was the start of the NHL’s legal battle.

The court ruled in favor of the union and put the league back on the hook for what was essentially a pre-trial settlement.

But the league wasn’t happy.

The league didn’t want to pay a penny of the $5 billion it was owed, and it was threatening to sue the court.

The NHL filed a second counterclaim.

This one was much stronger.

It argued that any money the league was owed was already in the court’s coffers, so the settlement should be treated as a payment.

The lawsuit argued that that was wrong.

That the league could not be required to pay anything without the court finding it violated antitrust law.

The judge sided with the league and ordered the league to pay the union $5 million, $3.6 million of which would go to the player union.

The two sides reached an out-of-court settlement on January 24, and the NHL went back to the negotiating table.

The settlement was finalized on January 26.

The money was split between the union as well the players.

But it was still going to the owners, so there was no final decision.

That settlement didn’t include the players’ share, so that was a separate matter.

We talked to a number of people at the bargaining table, including Mike Sullivan, the general manager of the Minnesota Wild.

He said the players were pretty upset.

They weren’t going to be happy.

They weren’t happy that they had to fight so long, but they weren’t pleased with the decision.

He called it a terrible decision.

He thinks that they have been treated fairly and that they won.

It was a bad decision by the owners.

He said he was pleased that the players got what they wanted.

They wanted the NHL back, he said.

The players and union went back and forth over how much they were going to get, but there was a consensus on how much was going to go to their union.

Sullivan said that was about $5 to $6 million.

The amount of the settlement was a surprise to the NHL.

He expected it to be $5-6 million, Sullivan said.

He thought it was going in the right direction, he didn’t know if it was a good idea to go ahead and try to renegotiate it, he added.

He thought it would be better to settle the case with the players and get it resolved quickly.

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