Campaign contributions to the Clintons in the 2016 election, by state

NEW YORK — The Clinton campaign and its allies spent more than $12 million in the final month of the 2016 presidential election, including $1.2 million on TV ads, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.

The campaign and allies also spent about $6.7 million on direct mail, digital and online ads, and $3.6 million on paid canvassers.

The average amount of direct mail was $2,600, according the analysis by CAP.

The total spent by the Clinton campaign, allied groups and the super PAC Priorities USA Action on behalf of Hillary Clinton totaled more than 3.7 times the amount spent by all other candidates, including President Donald Trump, in the same period.

The amount of spending in the presidential election by the campaigns and allied groups is a staggering sum.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton received about $4.7 billion in total campaign spending from outside groups.

The candidates’ campaigns, allied PACs and super PACs accounted for about two-thirds of that.

Clinton’s campaign and allied PACs spent $11.3 million on the final week of the election, with about $1 million on television ads and $1,700 on mailers, according a tally by The Associated Press.

PrioritiesUSA Action, a super PAC that endorsed Clinton, spent about half of the $4 million it received from outside spending.

While the campaigns are on record opposing Super PACs and raising limits on their spending, Clinton’s campaign has largely avoided such calls.

But as the election nears, Clinton has signaled that she will accept contributions from outside donors, and she has vowed to spend even more money on television advertising.

In December, Clinton said she would not accept a $1 billion contribution from one donor, despite a $7.5 million contribution from George Soros.

She has also rejected the notion that she should raise more money from wealthy donors, saying, “It’s my view that it’s time to open up the money-raising process so people can participate.”

But in the weeks leading up to Election Day, Clinton and her allies have taken advantage of the new political environment to pour money into advertising, including the TV spots.

They have spent nearly $2 million attacking Donald Trump in the last week of Election Day and the Super PAC Priority USA Action, the political arm of the billionaire philanthropist.

PriorityUSA Action also aired television ads on behalf the Clinton camp, calling on people to vote.

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