Why is this political post on the Reddit front page so bad?

By David Cole / 11.03.2017The front page of Reddit is a battleground in the fight for Reddit’s future.

Its users are the biggest users of the site and have been for a while now.

They’ve been a force to be reckoned with, with a growing audience of over 100 million people on the site.

Their decision to take their fight to the front page last week was, at its core, about their right to free speech.

This was the first time Redditors have ever taken the site to the public.

It was also the first action by the subreddit’s leadership to take the site down after a series of posts that were deemed to be “hate speech”.

This was a clear attempt to shut down a subreddit with a large, loyal following, one that was, for some, seen as a platform for hate speech.

And the backlash against the decision was swift.

Some users were quick to say that Reddit was being “censored”, with many calling it a “betrayal” and a “tactical retreat”.

Others argued that Reddit’s moderators had been “hijacked”, with one user suggesting the company was “going to take over the country” by force.

While this was certainly a controversial statement, it was not a surprise, as Reddit’s leadership has been openly hostile towards the site’s users in the past.

The problem was that many of Reddit’s users were not happy about this.

They felt that the site was being taken over by the site as a whole and that the moderators were not being held accountable.

The moderators of the subreddit “Pizzagate” and “PizzaGate Subreddit” were both banned after a few weeks of active use.

Redditors quickly took to the social media site to express their frustration at Reddit’s handling of the issue.

One of the most popular threads in that thread, which has since been deleted, expressed concern that Reddit would be “completely overtaken by the government”.

Other threads were more focused on the political ramifications of the situation, with the most contentious of them focusing on the fact that Reddit had been taken down for violating the First Amendment.

Reddit has since moved to block a number of subreddits, including “Pissgate”, “Porngate” and the “DontCrySubreddit” subreddit, but its administrators are continuing to take action against subreddits that are perceived as “hate”.

“We’re going to take down the entire subreddit, the subreddit that was responsible for this whole mess,” Reddit CEO Ellen Pao said at the time.

“If we take it down, that subreddit, and all the rest of them, will be taken down too.”

But despite Pao’s promise, it seems that Reddit will not be the last site to be taken offline by Reddit’s administrators.

In the meantime, Reddit users will be left to pick up the pieces of their lives without Reddit.

This is what the “P” in Pao means.

“It’s not just Pizzagate or Pizzagaters.

It’s everything on Reddit,” said another user.

“And it’s not going away.

It could happen to any company.

Reddit is just one example of a large and growing group of people who believe that our government is out to take away our freedom of speech.

Reddit could be a platform, or a way of expressing anger and dissent.

The only thing that’s certain is that Reddit is going to continue to be a target for people who are determined to shut it down.”

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