Which political parties are funniest?

Political cartoonists have had a rough time in the recent past of late, and their political leanings have come into question by recent polls.

The latest polls put the right-wing, populist AfD in the lead, with around 10 percent of the vote.

This is an unprecedented performance for the party, which has only recently gained a foothold in the political landscape.

The party, as of now, has around 7 percent of votes in the German federal election.

The AfD’s leader, Frauke Petry, even admitted in the last presidential election that her party’s current electoral success will depend on its ability to appeal to people in different parts of the country.

“I think we will win a lot of seats in Berlin because there are a lot more voters here,” Petry said at the time.

But, her party also seems to have some trouble winning over voters who don’t agree with their platform, especially among young people.

The far-right party has a strong presence in young people’s minds, with a poll showing that just over half of Germans under the age of 30 agree with the party’s line on abortion, gay rights, immigration, and immigration reform.

However, the party is still trying to reach out to younger voters, with one poll finding that nearly two thirds of people under the 20-to-34 age group were undecided.

This has led to speculation that the party may be trying to win back voters who have left the mainstream parties for the AfD.

In this case, it seems that the Afd could be doing just that.

AfD member, Christiane Wüssmann, is known for her humorous political cartoons, which often poke fun at her party and other right-leaning political figures.

Recently, Wüstmann and her party launched an online campaign to help reach out young voters.

The campaign, which calls itself “The Family for Kids,” features a series of satirical videos that mock and parody various political figures, from former prime minister Joachim Gauck to former leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Horst Seehofer.

In one video, Wustmann shows a young girl playing the part of a politician, but in the end she is actually an actual politician, who has been elected to the German parliament.

Wustman has been accused of using satire to reach young voters, and has been called out on her satirical cartoons on social media, including by her fellow party members.

Wüssemann has responded to these accusations in a tweet that read: I know the hashtag #FamiliesforKids is a joke, but the humor and the satire that #FAMiliesforkids uses are also important and needed in the public debate.

And #FamerasforKids, that’s right: a hashtag to help the young and middle-aged Germans who don´t have the means to pay for the tuition of their children to study. 

#Familiy #Fasian #fameras forkids  is also an online hashtag that is used to encourage young people to donate to the campaigns of the candidates of the right and left, respectively.

However the hashtag has also been criticized for targeting young people who are struggling financially and have less disposable income.

The hashtag has since been banned by social media platforms and is still not being used by the party. 

On the other hand, the AfgD, with its satirical political cartoons and its youth outreach programs, seems to be gaining in popularity.

According to a poll published by the German media outlet Welt am Sonntag on August 26, the new party gained 5.8 percent of support in the first round of the German presidential election.

According the survey, the number of voters who identify themselves as AfD voters has grown by 11 percent since February.

The popularity of the party has also attracted the attention of foreign media outlets and politicians, who have expressed concern about the party´s continued rise.

German media has also begun to criticize the party for being too soft on Islam and the AfDs response to the refugee crisis. 

In fact, German President Joachín Hopp asked the country´s federal government to take a harder line against the Afds hard-line stance against Islam.

“As you know, our country is experiencing an unprecedented wave of terrorism and is facing an unprecedented number of attacks,” he said.

“Our country must be able to protect its people from terror and from attacks.

That is why it is important to show the whole world that the German state is capable of doing its job,” he added.

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