Which of the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidates would you like to see get into the White House?

The political compass of Donald Trump and Mike Pence may have changed over the last few weeks, but the candidate they supported before 2016 remains their political compass.

And that’s not the only one.

Here are the candidates that have stood out from the field since 2016 and who are currently vying for the 2016 GOP nomination.

Biden The vice president has been in office since 2009 and has served as a leader for a long time.

He has been a staunch supporter of the military, the middle class and the American people, and has been outspoken about immigration reform, gay rights and other issues.

He also has a strong personal and business relationship with the former Vice President Joe Biden.

Pence The Indiana governor was elected in 2020, but he’s since changed his tune.

In a speech in March, Pence said that he believes that a strong military, a strong middle class, and a strong economy are essential components of the Republican Party and would lead to a prosperous, safe and prosperous world.

“I know that the world is full of opportunity and promise, and I’m proud to be an American.

I know that America has a unique role to play in the world.

But I know, too, that America is best served when we’re all working together,” he said.

Obama and Biden While they have been at odds over issues, Obama and Biden have both been supportive of the middle classes.

The former president has also been outspoken on immigration reform and LGBTQ rights, and is a vocal supporter of veterans and the military.

Biden has been more outspoken on gay rights.

In April, Biden said that while he agrees with gay people, “I don’t want to have to live with the fact that my gay friends and family know I’m gay.”

Clinton Clinton is one of the most liberal Democrats in the history of the party, and she has always had a strong connection to the middle and working class.

Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is still the president of the Democratic National Committee, and in 2016 he was a strong supporter of his wife.

Clinton has also taken a strong stance on LGBTQ rights.

During a speech at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia in April, Clinton said that she believes “we have to get behind people who are LGBTQ and help them be successful.”

“It’s not about how you look or what your name is, it’s about what you do, and how you lead, and what you are willing to sacrifice, and that’s the only thing we can really trust in America,” she said.

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