What is a political scale?

Political scale is a scale of political power.

Political scales are a way of measuring the importance of specific policies, or the quality of a government, in relation to the overall scale of society.

This scale can also be used to compare the effectiveness of different governments or political parties, as well as assess how the parties or their leaders are perceived in terms of the public opinion.

Political scale can be used in order to measure how influential a political leader is on the political landscape, as opposed to the level of a specific party.

There are two types of political scale: political and economic.

Political political scale The scale used to assess the importance and impact of different policies on the country’s social and economic development.

The scale may be used as a guide to the number of people, jobs, and economic growth the country would need to achieve, for example.

The political scale is the most important scale used in political studies and political decision making.

A political scale that includes all measures of the country, not just economic, would be better than one that only considers the political scale.

Economic scale The economic scale is an economic indicator that takes into account the impact of economic policies on economic growth.

Economic scales are often used as indicators of the economy’s overall performance, as compared to other economic indicators, such as the unemployment rate.

The most commonly used economic scale for measuring the impact on the economy is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or the national income.

A lower economic scale will reflect a country’s lower per capita income, which may be less important than the number and quality of jobs and economic activity.

The economic and political scales can also differ, with the economic scale being used to measure the extent to which the government or a political party has increased the size of government or increased its influence on public policy.

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