The Politics of Political Spectrum is the most politically polarized in America

The Politics Of Political Spectrum, the latest issue of Politico Magazine, takes a look at what happens when the United States is in the middle of a national political upheaval, as it is today.

The issue was released today, and the cover story on it is an interview with former presidential candidate Jill Stein.

In an interview conducted on Sunday, Stein took to the stage at the Center for American Progress (CAP) to discuss her campaign, which she is running to help elect as a Democratic presidential candidate in November.

Stein, who served as the Green Party’s presidential nominee in 2016, was a vocal critic of Trump during the campaign and also supported Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary.

“It is not the Trump phenomenon, it is not Sanders,” Stein said during the interview.

“It is the fact that we have a political system that is so tilted in favor of billionaires and special interests, that is broken down, and that people are being denied basic rights and are being discriminated against, that’s not something I think that is healthy.

I think it’s very dangerous.

So I’m trying to make a difference.”

Stein, who has been outspoken on issues such as climate change and the environment, has also become an outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump, whose presidency has been characterized by both a sharp escalation of violence in the United State and the rise of anti-immigrant and white supremacist groups.

Stein has said she would not accept the results of the November election if the US does not elect a woman as president, and in November she also told the New York Times that Trump is “a racist, sexist pig.”

During the interview, Stein discussed how she plans to continue her fight for political rights, especially in Alabama, a state where Trump won by a significant margin.

“I have a feeling that we are going to see a lot more of Jill Stein running around,” Stein told the Times.

“There is a lot of energy in the Alabama community right now that’s going to be very powerful.”

She also took a shot at Trump, who recently tweeted about the need for “law and order” in the US.

“We’re going to need to have law and order in our country,” Stein continued.

“We are going see more and more of that in the coming months.”

“It’s not a perfect system,” Stein added.

“But the fact is that people have been fighting for political change, for economic justice, for civil rights, for people not being treated fairly, and for racial justice for a very long time.

And we need to continue to fight that.”

And the fact of the matter is that our democracy is fragile, and we need people to be active in politics,” she said.

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