The politics of North Carolina: Why the GOP is still so unpopular in the state

A lot of people think North Carolina has been in a “political wilderness” since the state legislature passed the state’s “bathroom bill” in January.

Now, the state is embroiled in a major lawsuit against President Donald Trump and its first-ever court challenge to the president’s executive order on immigration.

But for many in the party, the fight over the constitutionality of the bathroom bill is an even more pressing issue.

And there’s one more important story to report from North Carolina, too: How the Republican party in the Tar Heel State has grown so toxic that its members are so disaffected that they are now challenging the party’s leadership in statehouses across the country.

North Carolina is home to the nation’s third-largest Republican population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The state’s Democratic-controlled legislature has been criticized for having a cozy relationship with the Trump administration.

But it has also become one of the most contentious states in the country in recent years.

In recent years, the number of statehouse Republicans has grown from about 300 to about 3,400.

They represent an enormous and growing constituency that is largely insulated from the political fallout of the North Carolina’s controversial anti-Trump laws.

Some Republican legislators and strategists say the GOP’s new identity is not about ideology or principles but a desire to win over white voters.

“This is really about, in my opinion, identity politics, which is the notion that we’re not going to make a difference if we’re going to win elections,” said former state House speaker Tom Bossert.

“We can’t win elections if we don’t make a show of standing up for our beliefs.”

In an effort to appeal to the new demographic, North Carolina Republican leaders have started to embrace a new brand of politics called “conservatism.”

It was first adopted in the 1990s by the U:S.

Chamber of Commerce and is now seen as the party of social conservatism and free-market conservatism.

The new “conservativism” movement has taken hold in the North Carolinas legislature and statehouses around the country, where it is gaining traction.

North Carolinians are no longer just Republicans who support President Donald J. Trump and his agenda.

They are also increasingly aligned with the GOP, which has long been seen as a party that was too far right.

“It’s kind of an extension of the conservative movement that you’ve seen in the Midwest, in the South, in parts of the South,” said Joe Boudreaux, an economics professor at the University of North Texas.

Boudraaux was one of several political scientists interviewed for this story who said that, while the North Carolina GOP has always been conservative, its new conservative identity is now more polarizing.

In the past few years, North Carolinia Republicans have made it clear that they see their brand of conservatism as not just a means of defending the party from the left but also as a way to win back white voters that have drifted away from the Democratic Party.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Bossert said that he was disappointed that Trump and others had tried to take away what the North American Conservatism Foundation, a group he co-founded in 2011, had done to advance the conservative agenda in the United States.

“If you look at the history of the Republican Party, the majority of the members have never been from the South and they’ve never been Republicans,” Bossert told AP.

“They’ve never had that ideology and they’re just trying to create a new movement.

I’m not sure that’s a smart way to get to the next election.”

Boudsons wife, Julie, a conservative commentator and former House member, said that while she’s glad that the Republican brand is gaining popularity in North Carolina and across the United State, she thinks it is more about personality politics than ideology.

“I don’t think it’s a real movement that’s based on principles, that’s really all it is,” Boudreau said.

“The way that people are reacting to this is not really based on a genuine belief in the message or the ideas that are in the platform that they have.

It’s based just on the personality of the person.”

Bossert, who is not affiliated with the conservative-leaning PAC, added that his group did work on “issues that are important to the people in North Carolinias statehouse,” including the “right to choose” issue.

But he also said that his groups “would never be in a position to take on the presidency of the United Nation.”

“We’ve never done anything in our life that would make us think that the United Nations is a credible entity,” Bosser said.

The party has also been hit with a lawsuit filed in federal court by two conservative activists who claim that they were denied access to a meeting with the president, even though they were required to attend.

The lawsuit, filed last week in federal district

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