The most underrated India-Russia ties

Russia and India are considered to be the two biggest geopolitical rivals of the United States.

They have been at odds for years over Afghanistan and Syria, and their political systems have been strained by domestic issues.

But the two countries have recently been moving in different directions, both with India in the lead.

Russia and the Russian Federation have both invested in India, with Russia’s Gazprom investing in the country in 2014.

Since then, Russia has been making efforts to build closer relations with India.

Now that India has announced that it will launch a solar power project, the two leaders have been in the midst of a major push to reach out to the other country, in a bid to increase their own bilateral trade.

The leaders of the two nations are both former top generals.

But India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has been quick to praise the Indian military for its recent achievements.

And Russia’s military has been active in Afghanistan and Iraq, and is keen to bolster ties with India as well.

India and Russia have become closer on a number of other issues, as well, with both countries providing assistance to each other in the form of technology transfers and the development of military hardware.

India has made it clear that it is open to increased military cooperation with Russia, while Russia has shown it is keen on expanding its military footprint in Afghanistan.

While the two are still at odds on Afghanistan, the strategic partnership between the two is getting a boost with the launch of the Indian solar power program.

India will build solar power plants and solar energy plants in India that are both located in Russia’s far east region of Kaliningrad, and the two sides have been working to develop the technology and cooperation.

Russia has also begun to offer to sell India solar energy technology to the Russian military, and India is interested in using its expertise in solar energy.

While India’s solar power is far from being a game-changer in terms of energy production, it could be a game changer in terms to the overall energy market.

As India prepares to build its own solar power plant, its defense industrialists are also getting excited about the idea.

“The solar power industry is the most promising of the three sectors of the Russian economy.

Solar energy has been very successful and has already been implemented by our companies in the military sector.

This is good news for India, as it could help strengthen our defense sector,” said Vladimir Khrushchev, a former defense minister and chairman of the State-owned Rostec group.

“Russia is going to invest heavily in India’s energy needs and, in this regard, India’s defense industrialist group is very excited about it,” Khrushchov added.

While Russia’s solar energy projects are not being built in India yet, there are signs that Russia is starting to look at India’s potential solar power potential.

Russia’s defense and energy ministries announced a joint venture with India’s Tata Solar to build solar panels in the southern state of Kerala.

India is also looking to partner with Russian companies to build a solar energy plant in its own state of Uttar Pradesh.

Russia is also investing in solar projects in the US, which could create some tension between the nations military.

Russia may be willing to give India a free hand on its energy issues if India will provide its technology and expertise.

India could be looking to get into the solar energy game as well as energy technology as part of its geopolitical ambitions, and that could also benefit Russia.

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