Moderate politicians call for tougher punishment for anti-Islamic comments

The Australian Conservatives have called for the Federal Government to toughen its stance on Islamic extremism, amid concerns that the country is lagging behind in dealing with extremism.

Key points:Mr Morrison has been accused of failing to act on a spike in anti-Muslim incidentsThe Greens say the Government should take a more proactive roleMr Morrison said that the Federal government should have “some sort of response mechanism” for dealing with “these threats”Mr Morrison also said the Government needs to focus on the “risk of violent extremism” as a result of the rise of Islamaphobia.

“The Federal Government has been doing a very poor job, particularly with respect to the recent spike in incidents, particularly in Sydney,” Mr Morrison said.

“We’ve had more than 50 people killed in a single week in Sydney alone, and it’s no secret that people are feeling particularly fearful.”

He said the government needed to take “some kind of response mechanisms” for people who “just want to vent their anger”.

“And we need to do that in a way that we do not have people being charged with terrorism offences for making these statements,” Mr Turnbull said.

A spokesman for Mr Morrison defended his stance and said the Opposition would “not tolerate” violence directed at Australians and should instead focus on “threats to the community”.

“We’re not going to tolerate this kind of violence against the Muslim community and we’re not willing to tolerate it against the Australian people,” the spokesman said.”[Prime Minister] Malcolm Turnbull has made clear that Australia will never tolerate hate crimes.”

There’s been a significant rise in Islamaphobic incidents and a significant increase in incidents in Australia.

“These incidents are unacceptable.”

“The Government is not going into this with a view to prosecuting those individuals.”

But there is a responsibility for the Government to respond in a proactive way.”‘

We must stand up and fight’The Federal Greens are calling for a tougher response to the rise in anti‑Islamic incidents, including “anti-Islamic propaganda” that could be prosecuted as terrorism offences.”

Anti-Muslim propaganda has become so prevalent, there’s no longer a way for a person to know if what they’re saying is being backed up by evidence,” Senator Scott Ludlam said.

He said he was particularly concerned that there were “already significant anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elements in the community” and urged the Government not to use “a blanket criminalisation of the expression of anti-Semitic views”.”

Anti‑Christian propaganda, that’s the real danger to the Muslim population in Australia,” he said.

In an interview on the ABC’s AM program, Mr Ludlam described his view that the Government must do more to combat Islamaphobe sentiment in the country.”

If we don’t have a serious effort to tackle anti-Semitism, then it’s going to be the case that Muslims are going to continue to be marginalised in Australia, he said, referring to the rising anti-Islam sentiment in Australia and the rise that’s been seen in recent months.

“That’s not good for Australia.”

Mr Ludlam also said he had spoken to the Federal Attorney-General about the issue and “he’s absolutely right” that anti-Israel propaganda should be criminalised.

“It’s not just anti-Israeli propaganda.

There are lots of other types of anti‑Semitic propaganda,” he told AM.”

What’s wrong with the Government, I don’t know, but there’s a big responsibility for us to do what we can to stop these things.””

If you’re not dealing with this problem, then we’re just going to have more and more incidents of anti‐Semitic and anti‐Christian hate crimes, and that’s going of course to be very dangerous.”

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