‘I’m not surprised’: Senator John F. Kennedy, who said he was ‘not surprised’ at the US election results, says he will not be a ‘fraud’ and will not ‘be bullied’ by the President

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump tweeted a statement that he called “unprecedented.”

He said that in his administration, “I will continue to do my job with dignity and respect for the rule of law.”

“The President of the United States of America should be entitled to his own opinion,” Kennedy told CNN’s “New Day” on Wednesday.

“If I have to take the job because I disagree with the President of a country, I’m not going to be a fraud.

I will be a president of the people.””

I think the public is fed up with the way the system is working, and the fact that it is rigged,” Kennedy said.

“And if the President is going to say something that’s going to make his job easier, then he should be more than happy to share it.”

But Kennedy said the president should not be allowed to bully people, including journalists.

“The way we’re doing this is, I am not a member of the media.

I am a citizen of the country,” Kennedy replied.

“I’m a constitutional scholar, I think that we have the right to say what we think.

I think the Constitution itself gives us the right and the obligation to speak up.””

And I don’t think anybody should be bullied.

I don, in any way, want the bully to get the message that if they say something, they’re going to lose their job.”

President Trump’s tweet that said he would not be intimidated by the US President has sparked a backlash from news organizations, politicians, and civil rights groups.

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