How to vote for President-elect Donald Trump

By MARK WATSONThe race for the White House is shaping up as the most unpredictable in American history.

But as we approach Election Day, a series of national polls are shedding new light on how Americans will vote.

Here are a few things to know about the November 7 election.1.

Trump’s lead is shrinking.

Some polls have Trump up by 2 or 3 percentage points, but some have him down by more than 4 points.

Those are the big changes from last week’s election.

For example, a CNN/ORC poll released Monday put Trump’s support at 44% and Clinton’s at 46%.

Trump has lost ground in several states, including Florida and Nevada.

His numbers in Pennsylvania are also falling, which may explain why he has not yet secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

The CNN/CBS News poll also found that Clinton has the edge in the battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Trump has a bigger lead in North Carolina, where he has the backing of about half of the state’s Republican voters.2.

Trump may have to fight for support in key states.

Some of the battlegrounds are still too close to call.

In Florida, the latest poll shows Trump leading Clinton by 4 percentage points.

In Nevada, the CNN/WMUR poll also shows Trump up, but not by much.

And in Pennsylvania, Trump is ahead in some polls by double digits.

The battlegrounds remain close, but Clinton’s lead could narrow in some places.3.

The most likely outcome is a tie.

It could be close, or Trump could still get a plurality of the vote.

That’s because most polls show Trump up and in a tie, and the two candidates could not easily lose the race.

For this reason, a tie is more likely than a tie at this point.

In this scenario, Trump would have to win a majority of the delegates in each of the three battlegrounds.

The two candidates would then face off in the second and final debate.

Trump is expected to win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida, while Clinton is likely to win Ohio and Nebraska.

In Ohio, the most recent poll shows Clinton up by a mere 4 percentage, while Trump is up by 6 percentage points and a little more than 2 points in Nevada.

In Pennsylvania, the poll also showed a tie there, but the race is still a tossup.

In fact, Trump may still get the necessary delegates to secure the nomination outright.4.

Trump and Clinton have a different approach to the economy.

Trump wants to create jobs, while Hillary wants to keep the economy stagnant.

Both candidates have a long history of criticizing President Barack Obama’s economic policies.

In some cases, they even have different economic visions.

For instance, Clinton has said that she would eliminate the federal minimum wage.

Trump says he would raise it, and he would eliminate many of the subsidies that lower the cost of living.

Trump and Clinton will face off for the first time in November, and both candidates are taking positions on trade, immigration, and other important issues.

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