How to read the data: Why are Democrats so focused on 2016?

Political scientists who study public opinion and elections have found that a majority of the American public is willing to blame the president of the United States and Republicans in Congress for their party’s woes.

And while the blame game isn’t new, it is becoming more intense in a number of states, where Democratic candidates and political strategists are trying to gain more traction with voters and win over swing voters.

A national poll from Quinnipiac University and CBS News released this week found that nearly half of all registered voters — 52 percent — blame President Donald Trump for his party’s troubles, up from 44 percent last year.

Democrats are especially popular with voters who disapprove of their party in a poll released this month by NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist and the University of Michigan.

“It’s not a partisan thing.

It’s a feeling thing,” said Chris Lehane, a political scientist at Emory University who studies American politics.

“There is this sense that Trump is the one who has done the wrong thing, and he needs to be held accountable.”

Democrats are also trying to woo voters who think Trump should be held more accountable for the party’s economic woes.

They’re making the case that the president has done nothing to help working families and has created an economic system in which the wealthy and powerful thrive at the expense of everyone else.

“We’re not the problem, we’re the solution,” said Democratic candidate for Congress Kyrsten Sinema.

The GOP’s message to voters is similar.

In a poll by Quinnipio, which is owned by CBS News, 61 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of Republicans said Trump should face consequences for the policies that have led to the economic crisis.

The poll also found that Democrats were more likely to blame Trump than Republicans.

“This is not a political issue,” Lehane said.

“I mean, what does it matter?

The answer is, Republicans are making the argument that this is the right thing to do.”

The poll was conducted in early January.

The question was phrased in such a way that made it impossible to know how many voters were likely to be surveyed and how many were undecided.

But a CNN/ORC poll released on Thursday showed that a slim majority of voters in the country support a new, nationwide investigation into whether Trump is to blame for the economic collapse.

The CNN poll also showed that the majority of Democrats support an investigation.

Sineman, who has been fighting for a new investigation for more than a year, said her campaign has been making the call for the investigation for months.

The most recent poll from ABC News/Washington Post/Gravis Marketing found that only 44 percent of Americans think the president is to be blamed for the nation’s economic crisis, while 55 percent say he should be.

The latest Quinnipios survey found that voters are divided on the president’s handling of the economy.

Fifty-two percent of registered voters say Trump has done an excellent or good job handling the economy, while 41 percent say the president should be blamed.

Forty-one percent say Trump is doing an okay job, while 44 percent say his job is good.

Thirty-four percent of respondents said they didn’t know.

“A lot of the things that are happening, like unemployment, are the fault of the president,” said Michael McDonald, a Republican pollster who has worked for both Republican and Democratic presidents.

The economy is a hot button issue.

Polls show voters overwhelmingly support raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10 an hour.

But they are divided over whether Trump should also raise taxes on the wealthy.

“He’s not doing a good job.

He’s hurting the middle class,” McDonald said.

The Democrats and Republicans are trying not to let that get in the way of their message to the American people.

The Democratic National Committee has said that its candidates will push back on Republican attempts to blame President Trump for the economy because they want to protect middle-class families from Trump.

Simeas Democratic opponent, state Treasurer Brian Ellis, has said the Republicans have a “double standard” and are trying “to shut down debate on the economy.”

“They’re trying to get everybody to think the economy is bad,” Simea said.

That could include the president, who recently suggested that people who have jobs should be able to keep them.

“But we can’t let them do that because that would be giving in to their narrative,” Lehan said.

Democrats say that their focus is on the middle and working class Americans who may be more vulnerable to the GOP.

“The middle class has not been able to rise up and hold the Republican Party accountable,” said Karen Tumulty, a Democratic strategist.

“That’s the message that’s being sent to the middle, and that’s why Democrats are saying, ‘No, we are going to stand up for the middle.’

That’s the real story.”

The CNN/Orc poll was done from Feb. 4 to Feb. 6

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