How the political asylum debate unfolded: What we know about the refugee question

The political asylum is a term used to describe a refugee who has a credible fear that their lives or the safety of others will be threatened by returning to their home country.

In the United States, the term political asylum has been used by the Trump administration to describe refugees fleeing political persecution in their home countries.

It has also been used in the United Kingdom, where the British government has used the term to describe people who have fled persecution.

What does political asylum look like?

Political asylum can be a long and complicated process, and it’s a difficult one to predict.

In order to qualify, a refugee must have credible fear of persecution in a specific country, but not necessarily persecution in the same country in which they fled.

The process can take years.

The definition of political asylum differs from one country to the next.

In the United Nations, for instance, political asylum includes both humanitarian and political reasons.

But while refugee status may be a common part of the refugee application process, it’s not a given that it will be the sole factor in determining if a refugee will be granted asylum.

The United States has long considered refugees to be political asylum applicants.

And while refugee resettlement programs and the Trump Administration have made efforts to change that, the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program has not yet been reformed.

In 2018, the Trump-Pence Administration announced it would open a program called Resettlement Watch that would grant refugee status to people who were already in the country illegally, including many who had already been granted refugee status by a previous government.

That move was met with criticism, and by 2020, the Refugee Resettlement Program would be completely phased out.

But the U,S.

Supreme Court in 2017 upheld a previous ruling that would have granted refugee protection only to people granted refugee rights in a country that was a member of the European Union.

That decision would have allowed the Trump and Pence administrations to expand their refugee programs, even if they did not end the political refugee designation.

Trump, who has promised to deport millions of immigrants and has promised a wall on the U

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