Why the United States and Russia need to work together

A war with the United Kingdom and its allies could set the stage for a nuclear conflict between the United Nations and the Kremlin, writes Rolf W. Stoltenberg.

| AP Photo Trump calls for NATO to expand beyond its borders The Trump administration has threatened to deploy American troops to Eastern Europe and elsewhere, after a recent report suggested the alliance’s military is stretched beyond its limits.

| REUTERS By Rolf StolthofTrump says NATO needs to expand to Russia and China The Trump Administration has threatened, in the most serious of recent threats, to deploy U.S. forces to Eastern European and other places where Russia and other countries have deployed large numbers of troops.

The president said that, if necessary, the U.N. should take the lead in expanding the alliance beyond its boundaries.

The United States is already a member of NATO and has pledged to spend at least 2 percent of its GDP on defense, the largest defense increase in more than a decade.

That’s not a guarantee that NATO’s membership will continue, but it’s the first step toward a more expansive U.R.M.S., the acronym for the NATO Strategic Concept.

Trump said in a tweet Friday that the U,N.

and NATO must come together and strengthen their defenses, saying the alliance must continue to defend its members.

That statement came a day after the U-N.

Security Council passed a resolution that commits member states to spend 2 percent on defense.

The Trump campaign has long urged that NATO spend 2 to 3 percent, a goal that NATO and other NATO members say they’re not close to reaching.

But the United State has not said whether it will deploy troops to NATO member countries in Europe and the Baltics, where Russian troops have been stationed since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Trump, who has repeatedly questioned the credibility of NATO, has said he’ll ask for the United Nation to extend its membership to countries that are not in the alliance.

But he has not specifically said whether he’ll make such an offer.

He did not respond to a request for comment.

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