What are the biggest scandals in Indian politics?

India has the third-highest number of political corruption cases in the world, according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.

But it’s a problem that’s been going on for a long time.

And the numbers are likely to rise in coming years.

According to Transparency India, the country has about 1,300 cases of graft, bribery, fraud, and misappropriation in a total of about 3,300 people.

The vast majority of cases are in the state of Maharashtra, with Maharashtra leading the country in graft.

Other states like Delhi, Karnataka, and Maharashtra have more than 100 cases each.

In Delhi, more than 60 percent of cases involve politicians and bureaucrats, while in Karnataka and Maharashtra, just over a third of cases involved officials.

The Corruption Perception Index also reports that India has some of the highest incarceration rates in the industrialized world, with about 2,500 people imprisoned for corruption in the last 10 years, according the Institute for Policy Research & Development.

India is also among the world’s top five countries for corruption, according Transparency India.

The index also indicates that the country’s top 20 companies are worth about $5.3 trillion.

As of January 1, 2016, the number of cases of corruption in India had reached 5,965, with 2,858,876 people in jail, according an IndiaSpend analysis of the report.

The report also states that in the first quarter of 2017, there were more than 5,500 cases of political graft in India.

So, why do politicians want to hide money?

Many politicians are well-known for their close ties to their political party, and a lot of them are close associates of politicians, as well.

According to a Transparency India report, “over half the top political leaders in India have their names attached to companies and other businesses.

Of the 5,638 government officials in the country, 5,865 of them were linked to companies, while 2,907 of them owned real estate companies.

Most of them also own private land.”

Politicians also have a vested interest in keeping money in their personal pockets, according a report by the American Institute of Philanthropy.

They have a stake in the companies that are profiting from their political connections, and the politicians they work for have access to these companies to get their way, the report says.

This means that a politician will have a very vested interest to keep the cash in their pockets, even if it’s not for their own benefit.

That’s why many politicians are so desperate to keep their campaign contributions hidden, according CNN India’s Rajeev Chandran.

It’s not only the corruption cases that are happening in India, but also some of India’s biggest scandals. 

India’s political parties are in a state of crisis, Chandran said.

They are in trouble because they are not being able to keep any money in the pockets of their supporters.

One of the biggest scams of all time was the one where the Supreme Court appointed a “bundler,” who would buy votes by buying votes from members of the ruling party.

The court, according that article, was concerned that the bidders were using “dubious and sometimes illegal” methods to get members of Parliament and political leaders to sign up to their schemes.

That same article also states, “In a series of recent cases, political parties have been accused of siphoning off cash from their supporters, and even members of Congress themselves, by buying political votes from them.”

According a CNN India report in 2015, the Supreme Council of Ministers had to pay nearly Rs. 5,000 crore to people who had voted for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Many of these people alleged that the money was not being returned to them, and that they had to repay it in full.

The investigation found that the bribes were allegedly being paid by members of BJP, and other parties.

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