What a year it’s been for the British Empire

Political cartoons, cartoons of Britain’s past and the British empire in the UK are becoming increasingly common.

Political cartoonist James Boulton has created some of the best political cartoons of the year, with his work being published in political cartoonist’s book ‘Imperialism Political Cartoon’.

He says the book has become one of his favourites of the past five years.

James says his inspiration for the book was a cartoon by British cartoonist Alan Moore, and it was in the middle of the Cold War and the rise of the US that he realised the book could be a valuable resource for those interested in the British past.

It’s an interesting way of looking at British history and it’s a way to understand what happened before the UK entered the 21st century.

“It was a time of political conflict and the Cold war, which is where my comic book comes in,” James says.

His first published work, published in 2010, was a collection of political cartoons in which a character who appeared in the late 20th century, was depicted as a soldier, with a large gun.

The comic was adapted to become a short story for The Guardian newspaper, and the short story became the basis for a cartoon series about British politics, called The Empire of the Unwritten.

In 2015, James began work on his latest series, the Empire of The Unwritten, which was published by Random House Australia.

A year later, the project was adapted for television and became a hit with viewers.

But the project has been plagued with controversy and James says the public reaction to the series has been largely negative.

He said the show was an attempt to capture the “unspoken history” of the country in which Britain was founded.

Politics and the unspoken history of Britain has always been a very important theme of my work.

I don’t think people understand what I’m trying to do.

I think people are just shocked when they see it.

James is now planning to make a third series of the book.

One of the most important things about the book, James says, is the “in-depth” and “inclusive” look at Britain in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Its also about exploring Britain’s relationship with the US, Australia and New Zealand, where there are various disputes over sovereignty.

This is a very different time and the book tries to explain why, for example, the United States has always claimed sovereignty over much of the Pacific and has been a permanent member of the United Nations.

While James acknowledges that the book may not appeal to everyone, he hopes that people will read it to get a sense of what happened to Britain before the 19th century and why.

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