The politics compass quiz – What’s your political compass?

This week’s Political Compass quiz asked political comedians and political rights advocates to name their favourite political compass and why.

We asked political journalists, academics and writers to answer, and to nominate their favourite politicians.

The answers are in the charts below.

This chart shows the percentage of political people who said they use a political compass (not a political newspaper) when researching the subject.

The survey also asked political actors and political commentators to nominate five or more political compass points.

The results of the Political Compass survey were released on Tuesday.

It asked people to list the five or six most important political principles they believe should be in government.

Here’s a look at what the five most important principles are, according to the survey:1.

All public services should be free to all citizens2.

All social security benefits should be paid for by the taxpayer3.

We should provide a national minimum wage of £10 an hour and all public services must be paid by the taxpayers4.

We need a fairer and more equal distribution of income5.

The government should not make life too difficult for the poor6.

The state should not use the tax system to take from the rich7.

We must ensure that we get the most out of our resources and our resources should be used to create jobs8.

The public sector should not be privatised, but that does not mean we should stop using public services9.

We will be spending more money on public services than we take out10.

The welfare state should be fully integrated with the public sector and public services can be provided for at a competitive level.

What’s your favourite political principle?

The poll found that there were two common political compass ideas that had the highest support: “the state should act for the common good” and “we should use the public service as we have for the past 100 years”.

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