The key issues facing India’s election: Election 2018

New Delhi: With less than two months until the general election, voters are increasingly worried about the future of their country’s democratic system and the country’s future as a leader in Asia.

A large part of the worry stems from the lack of a consensus on key issues.

Some voters want to see an overhaul of the constitution, which many fear would make India a one-party state and further erode the countrys democratic legitimacy.

They want an overhaul in the governance of the armed forces and for a referendum on the country s constitution.

The election has also been marred by political scandals.

Last month, a controversial proposal to amend the constitution and the election law was approved by a vote of 272-238.

The vote was held amid a scandal over the government s response to a spate of sexual harassment allegations.

In the run-up to the vote, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised that the country would become more inclusive and democratic.

But after the election, the number of voters who support the idea of an inclusive society grew by an estimated 11 percent to 7.2 million.

Many believe the country has become more divisive and polarized in recent years.

The next general election in 2019 will be a critical one for the government.

This is because it is seen as a key moment for the country as it seeks to cement its place as a global power, the fifth-largest economy and a key ally of the United States.

With the election taking place ahead of a period of national mourning and the beginning of an unprecedented period of mourning for victims of the 2002 Mumbai attacks, many Indians are worried that the results will be used to advance the agenda of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is widely seen as the main political player.

The country is already in a state of chaos, said Sanjay Parekh, a professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

The election is the last chance to secure a clean election, and we need to prepare for the worst, he told AFP news agency.

The political turmoil that followed the 2002 attack on Mumbai is also seen as an opportunity for the BJP to make gains in 2019, and it may well win the next election.

The country has experienced a period in which the Bharatiyas ruling party has been seen as more inclusive.

The BJP has also built a solid base of support among a large number of people, many of whom are economically marginalised.

Many Indians are not willing to see the next government go down a different path.

Some are not optimistic that the BJP will win the 2019 election.

“If we see any deviation from the party’s agenda, it would be very painful for the people,” said Sanjiv Kumar, a businessman and member of the opposition Congress party.

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