How to watch the Irish referendum

How to get in on the referendum debate in the Irish Republic article How do you watch the Republic of Ireland’s referendum on constitutional change?

It’s easy to follow all the latest developments, but the key question remains: who should be allowed to vote?

The main contenders include Sinn Fein, the largest political party in the country, as well as the independent Alliance party.

Here’s a guide to the key topics of the day: What you need to know about the Irish independence referendum: Article 1: The debate is about freedom, not independence.

Is independence a real option?

It is.

It is a political decision.

It would require a referendum on the constitution.

If you want to see the results, you have to vote yes.

The vote would be binding.

Article 2: There are two main arguments for independence.

The first is that the UK has a duty to help maintain a united Ireland, and that we should be able to negotiate the terms of our future relations with the UK without interference from Westminster.

The second is that Ireland needs to keep the peace and keep itself secure, which the EU has already achieved through the Common Travel Area.

Both arguments are true, but they are not mutually exclusive.

Article 3: A majority in favour of independence would mean an election in the spring, but it would not be a referendum.

The constitutional process would take years.

The country could change its mind at any time.

A “yes” vote would guarantee that the people would be consulted on the matter, and could override the “no” vote by a majority of the members of the Council.

Article 4: The “yes vote” would have the same legitimacy as a “no vote” if a majority voted in favour.

However, the referendum would be the culmination of decades of work on the subject.

The European Union and the United Kingdom have agreed to work together on a common strategy for the future.

That means there would be no vote on whether to stay in the EU or leave it.

If a “yes”, it would be up to the Irish Government to decide on a transition period and whether to keep EU funding for years to come.

The UK Government would then have to decide whether to join the Single Market.

This would mean that we would be in a “special relationship” with the EU, as we are with Canada and Mexico.

If we vote to leave the EU and join the single market, it would then be up the UK Government to negotiate a new deal for the UK and Ireland.

If it were to stay, then we would have to negotiate another “special” relationship.

If that were to fail, we would need to negotiate something new.

Article 5: The UK would be able continue to be part of the EU after the referendum, and it would continue to have an influence over our foreign policy.

This is what the Irish have called “co-operation” since the UK was created in 1973.

The idea is that, by keeping our trade with the rest of the world, we can make the most of our position in the world.

However we might choose to do so, we should do so on the basis that our interests will be protected by the EU.

That’s because our economy depends on the stability of the European single market.

The EU has a strong commitment to the Single European Market.

The referendum will be a chance to put that into action.

What you might not know about a ‘yes’ vote: Article 6: The referendum is about power and money.

What will the “yes”-campaign get out of the “No” campaign?

There will be many things that are not covered by the “Yes” campaign.

The “Yes”-campaign would not claim that a “Yes vote” will ensure that the country remains in the single European market.

But it will say that if a “No vote” is defeated, it will have to start negotiations to leave.

In the meantime, the “EU” and “British” governments would negotiate on behalf of the people.

It could even negotiate with the Irish people.

The government would have a say on how we would manage the transition period, so that the citizens of the country can be able, after Brexit, to return to the UK.

The prime minister would have more say, as would the head of state.

But the government would also have the final say on the terms and conditions of the transition.

Article 7: The majority in “No”-supportive constituencies would get to vote on a new constitution.

In some cases, this would be because the electorate has a clear opinion about independence.

For example, a majority in a district council could decide to change its constitution.

This could lead to a constitutional amendment, which would need a two-thirds majority in the House of Commons to pass.

However there are no laws that mandate such an amendment.

This may be because it’s not in the Constitution, but we have no legal authority to enforce it.

Article 8: There is no constitutional requirement that the referendum should be free.

However in the past,

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