How to spot a meme: Who is the meme for?

It is a phrase that often evokes an image of a white woman or a woman of color in a black suit and white shirt, but what is it about?

It has been said that white women have more power than black women, but it’s unclear whether the meme is based on the fact that black women are often seen as more powerful than white women, or whether it’s just a matter of semantics.

In this context, “the meme” refers to a specific moment in a political campaign.

For example, when a presidential candidate makes a promise, it can be interpreted as a meme about his commitment to his promise, or as a reference to a political issue.

The same can be said for presidential candidates who talk about their plans for the economy.

It’s easy to dismiss the word “meme” when it is used to describe a campaign as a whole.

But when we look at the specific moments in the presidential campaign where memes have played a significant role, we find that the meme has played a crucial role in shaping the narrative.

The following is a chart of the top 10 memes, sorted by the total number of mentions, during the 2016 presidential campaign.

(The number in bold is the number of times the word was used, and the number in the lower right-hand corner is the total mentions.)

The number in parentheses is the average number of words used.

A meme is defined as a series of images or videos, usually consisting of a single image or video, which share common themes and are used to amplify one another.

A video can be seen on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, but a meme is not.

Memes are also sometimes shared on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, where they are shared more frequently.

The number of memes used per tweet or video can vary from campaign to campaign, but for the most part, the campaign has relied on memes.

For the most recent election cycle, Hillary Clinton had the most meme use.

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump had the least, but Trump has been using a number of other types of memes, such as Pepe the Frog, which has a similar appearance to Pepe the frog.

While the term “memes” has been used to label the number and number of tweets used by candidates, there is no specific definition of memes.

In political campaigns, it is the sheer volume of content, in the form of images, videos, memes, and social media posts, that determine which campaign the meme belongs to.

When discussing the origins of a meme, the question comes down to the definition of what a meme really means, and how it should be used.

Is it a visual image?

A visual image is often used to convey an idea.

For instance, the phrase “I’m not a racist, I just like to eat” is often seen in a meme.

The phrase “white privilege” can be used to refer to white people’s privilege in society.

But the term also has a broader meaning: The idea that certain groups are inherently disadvantaged.

For political campaigns in the U.S., it is often referred to as “black lives matter.”

In 2016, the word meme is also used to indicate a video, video, or photograph.

A political campaign’s campaign slogan is usually not an image.

For presidential campaigns, the slogan is often an image, like the campaign slogan of the Democratic Party.

In 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was the first candidate to make an image a campaign slogan, and in 2016, Sanders used the phrase #FeelTheBern.

In addition, in 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used the term #ImWithHer.

In a recent CNN/ORC poll, 68 percent of Democratic primary voters said they would consider voting for the candidate who they described as the most “qualified.”

That sentiment is reflected in the memes.

There is also a political context to the phrase.

When politicians refer to their policies as a campaign, they are often referring to the policy they are pushing.

The term “political pandering” has become increasingly popular in the past year, but when it comes to memes, the term is less common.

For a candidate to be considered “political” in 2016 is not to be the most vocal supporter of a particular issue.

It is more often to be a proponent of policies that are seen as being beneficial to the American people.

For politicians, “politicalness” is not defined by an individual’s political affiliation or position in politics.

Instead, it refers to how one approaches issues.

It can be a statement that a candidate believes in policies that benefit the American public, and/or a statement made by a politician to highlight his or her support for specific policies.

Political memes have become popular in part because they allow people to share images of their political candidates, as well as of their policies and issues.

A politician can use memes to show support for the issues he or she is

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