How to predict election results in California

The election of 2018 is shaping up as one of the most closely watched in the United States, with political analysts saying it could decide control of the US Senate and the presidency.

The battleground state has one of only two reliably Republican states in the country – and a heavily Democratic congressional delegation – with Donald Trump leading the polls in the race to win control of both chambers of Congress and the White House.

Here are some key takeaways from the week.

The election is being watched closely by US citizens across the country, and a few states have already begun voting.

But it’s unlikely the race will be decided by the electoral college, the method used by the states to determine the winner.

Instead, the outcome is going to be decided on the ground in California, a state with a large Hispanic population and a number of communities that have seen a dramatic rise in immigration.

A poll by the state’s public radio station KPCC found that a third of California voters had already cast their ballots for Democrats and a quarter had already voted Republican.

ABC News election analyst Steve Kroft said the election could come down to two questions: which of the two main candidates has the better showing in the coming weeks, and how many undecided voters will show up in the election.

“California’s race could be won or lost on the electoral votes of the people who have already voted,” Kroft told ABC News.

Kroft said it was also unlikely the election would be decided entirely by the margin of victory.

He said a lot of voters could still turn out to vote, but that the final tally would probably be closer to the one expected.

“It is a toss-up, but it’s probably going to end up in a tie,” he said.

Trump has a big lead in the polls, but there are a lot more undecided voters in California than there are in New York, according to the pollsters.

And in California’s largest city, Los Angeles, more than 1,000 people have already registered to vote.

The state has a population of about 8 million, and the race is expected to be close.

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