How to make a meme of a political cartoonist

The world of political cartoons is full of them, but some are just too funny to ignore.

Here are a few of our favourites.


“This will be the biggest joke in the world.”

In a parody of the news cartoon “The Simpsons,” cartoonist and political cartooner Steve Guttenberg draws a cartoon in which President Trump is confronted with a series of images that show him looking down at a newspaper, which is covered in a newspaper’s headline, “The biggest joke ever.”

The cartoon ends with the caption “If that was real, I’d be a Republican.”


“It was just a one-day thing.”

In the political cartoon “A Tale of Two Cities,” cartoonists and political commentators Joe Biden, Tim Kaine and Tom Perez discuss a political issue and then have a discussion about the next election cycle, before Biden declares “I’m running for president.”

Biden then delivers a line that is not intended to be funny but actually reflects the tone of the debate: “I think we’ve done the right thing.”


“You’re fired.”

In “The Best American Dad,” cartoon writer Joe Biden delivers a warning to his son, Biden Biden Jr., in which Biden warns him to be careful about what he says and do.

He then shows Biden Jr. the next time the father says something offensive: “You know, you’re fired.

You’re fired!”


“We’re not talking about your parents.”

In one political cartoon, cartoonist Jim Prentice shows Trump holding a gun in a Trump campaign ad, which features a cartoon that shows Trump wearing a shirt that says, “I’d rather be shot by a gun than by a family member.”

“It’s funny, because the gun’s on a table,” Prentice jokes.


“I didn’t even know the president was black.”

In another political cartoon from “The Adventures of Captain Underpants,” cartooner Tom Hanks shows Trump with a pair of scissors in his hand and says, with a chuckle: “Oh, I forgot.

You know, I didn’t know he was black.

Oh, that’s nice.”


“Cancel the election.”

In The Donald Trump Show, Trump is shown telling his supporters that he’ll not be holding a presidential election on October 19.

Instead, he’s holding a rally on October 27 and a rally that day is going to be held in Pennsylvania.

He says he’s going to cancel the election and says that he won’t be attending.

“There’s only one thing I want to do, and that’s cancel the entire election,” he says.


“The best thing about being a political commentator is that I don’t have to do it.”

In political cartoon series “My Favorite Things,” political commentator Paul Krugman explains how he works in a cartooning studio, in which he creates the best political cartoons he can.

“A cartoonist is a kind of a clown in this business,” he tells the audience.

“People want to talk about politics and cartoons.

They like political cartoons because they’re funny, and they like political cartoonists because they do a good job of creating these kinds of characters.

I don, you know, they like a lot of political cartooning.”


“He’s the best.

He’s the only one.”

In cartoonist Paul Elam’s political cartoon show, titled “My Most Favorite Things” in which Elam shows off his “best” political cartoons, the narrator declares, “He has the best cartoons.”


“Who is going out of this world to get his butt kicked?”

In “A Very American Election,” cartooning artist Andy Warhol shows up in a political campaign ad and asks, “Who’s going out into this world?

A candidate or a comedian?”

Warhol says, “…

The candidate.

I’m going out to do a comic, and I’m gonna show them this clip that I’m thinking of, and you know what, they’re going to love it, and the other one I’m just going to put in, and it’s going, ‘Well, he’ll probably lose.’

And then they’re like, ‘What?

That’s not fair.’

And I’m like, `Oh, my God, what if he wins?’

And they’re, like, like ‘He’ll win!'”


“Politics are a lot like cooking.”

In his political cartoon strip, “My Grandma’s House,” political cartooners Dave Barry and Kevin McCall are shown in a house, where they’re eating dinner with their family and watching the election.

They’re told that they can have a cup of coffee and a pie if they wish, and then they are shown their grandma’s old-fashioned table.

“My grandma would never want me to do that, because she’d just say, ‘I’d eat you!'”

Barry says.


“Why can’t you be

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