How to follow the race for the Democratic nomination in 2020

Politics and the presidential race are coming together this year to create a political spectacle that’s different from the last four presidential elections: The presidential race.

In 2020, a new generation of political figures will take the stage in the nation’s capital, in what promises to be a high-stakes contest between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

With each candidate having a dedicated base of supporters, the stakes are higher than ever before.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is 2020?

In the words of a 2016 article in Politico, “2020 will be the year that the Democratic Party is forced to answer for its 2016 losses.”

The Democratic National Committee announced the dates for the 2020 presidential primaries on March 4, 2020.

The DNC also announced the date for the first presidential debate, to take place March 8.

Who is running?

Hillary Clinton will formally become the Democratic nominee on April 26, 2020, and will formally challenge Sen. Sanders for the party’s nomination on June 14.

(Both the Sanders campaign and the Clinton campaign have indicated that they plan to run multiple candidates.)

What’s the difference between a Democratic primary and a caucus?

In a primary, candidates gather together to debate issues and set forth their policy proposals.

Candidates can choose to debate each other, or they can run separately.

In a caucus, candidates are chosen at-large from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and a single nominee is chosen by voters of each state.

The Democratic primary is a formal contest between the candidates who have the most delegates, and is held annually at the Democratic National Convention.

A Democratic caucus is a caucus of independent, Democratic-leaning voters, usually composed of older voters and people of color.

Which candidates are in the running?

Bernie Sanders, (I) The Vermont senator and former presidential candidate is running for president for the third time, this time as a Democratic presidential candidate.

Sanders will seek the Democratic presidential nomination, and the first time in U.S. history, Sanders is not a part of a Democratic party presidential primary.

He’s running as an independent.

He has not formally announced a run for the White House, but has said he’s considering it.

Hillary Clinton, (II) The former first lady and secretary of state is also running for the Senate, but she’s seeking the Democratic nod, not the presidency, as a member of the Senate.

She’s running against Sanders, who has not officially announced a bid for the presidency.

She will run against Trump, who is running as the Republican nominee for president.

Donald Trump, (III) Trump has not announced a campaign, but he has said his “time is coming.”

He’s not formally running for office, but is considering a 2020 bid.

The Republican nominee is currently Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and he has not declared a candidacy.

What are the issues in the 2020 election?

Issues that matter to Democrats include economic inequality, climate change, the environment, and trade, among other issues.

Republicans want to take back the White the White house in 2020.

This year’s Democratic primaries focus on trade, immigration, and criminal justice reform.

Clinton has said she would bring the economy back to the White Housespan, and she has advocated for tougher sentencing for immigrants and the legalization of marijuana.

Sanders has said that criminal justice issues are more important to him than trade.

The candidates also disagree on many other issues, including abortion, immigration and the environment.

Does the election mean the end of the Democratic party?


The 2020 election is an important test of the party, and it will determine whether the party can win back the presidency in 2020, or whether it will remain a relic of the past.

The party is still a force in the American political system, and its members have played important roles in shaping policy and politics.

In this way, the 2020 Democratic primary will help shape the future of the political system.

But if the party doesn’t find its voice in the next presidential election, it could be the end for the modern Democratic party.

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