How Donald Trump was just the beginning of a ‘dark era’ for US politics

By Andrew StilesDonald Trump has been dubbed the “Dark Age” of American politics, with the election of a Democratic president and an even worse economy.

But there’s no doubt that the Trump era has also been a dark age for America’s democracy, as this week’s stunning election results in Florida, the country’s most populous, and a number of states across the country show.

Here’s a look at some of the dark years ahead.

The dark times are here againThe Trump presidency is the latest chapter in the dark American story.

This is a time when a president is routinely impeached by the Senate and, as with the Bush era, the Supreme Court is divided along partisan lines.

It is also a time where the country is increasingly split along racial lines.

Trump has been accused of racist and sexist comments, a number that are well-documented and have left a trail of angry and frustrated Americans who feel betrayed.

And his election has been the culmination of a dark era that began under George W Bush, who campaigned as a champion of free enterprise, and his successor, Barack Obama, who championed a more intrusive government and expanded it.

Trump, in particular, has been seen as a harbinger of a more dark America.

And the president has been especially unpopular, according to a CNN/ORC International poll released on Thursday.

The poll found that only about one-third of Americans think Trump is doing a good or excellent job as president, compared with nearly two-thirds who think he is doing an excellent or good job.

And this week, the CNN/orchestrated poll found a much more dramatic change in public opinion about the direction of the country.

Forty-four percent of Americans now think that Trump has done an excellent job or a great job, while only 30 percent think he has done a poor or bad job.

This is the first time since the 1940s that the American public has given a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to a president who was not elected by a popular vote.

In that time, the percentage of Americans who think Trump has handled the country well has been close to 70 percent.

But there’s another reason why Americans are more pessimistic about the future: Trump has consistently done poorly in the polls.

The most recent CNN/Orchestrator poll found Trump at a 40-point deficit with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the generic ballot, which is a pollster’s version of a generic ballot.

That’s a big difference from the late 1990s, when Trump was polling at 36 percent.

But that’s not the whole story.

The poll found the Republican presidential nominee had been doing better than expected, but he was still lagging Clinton in terms of support from registered voters.

The CNN/ORSI poll found just 26 percent of registered voters favored Trump, while 47 percent backed Clinton.

The CNN/orsi poll found Clinton with a higher percentage of support than Trump, although the gap was much smaller.

The two pollsters also found Trump doing well among white voters, but that’s a result of a different problem: Trump was the only candidate on the ballot that did not win a majority of the white vote.

Trump’s campaign did well among black voters, which was something that the Democrats had long touted as a potential strength.

But he lost the white votes by a large margin, according the CNN poll, which has Clinton with an eight-point lead.

Trump had been polling as high as 40 percent in a handful of key battleground states, including Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia.

But after winning Florida, Florida and Pennsylvania, Trump did well in Virginia, and the president’s numbers went from bad to worse in Virginia.

Trump also fell short in Virginia when the president lost the state to Hillary Clinton by only four points, and he fell short by just one point in Pennsylvania.

The president also did poorly in New Hampshire, where he had an advantage, but was still trailing Clinton by eight points.

The new poll also found that Clinton was leading Trump by about four points in Virginia’s popular vote and was ahead by three points in the state’s Electoral College votes.

But Trump still trailed Clinton by five points.

That was a stark contrast to how the polls in 2012, in which George W. Bush defeated Barack Obama in a landslide, had been going.

In 2012, Obama won the popular vote in all of Virginia and the Electoral College, while Bush was projected to win the popular and Electoral College vote, according a New York Times/CBS News poll.

The race in Florida was a close one.

But Bush was winning the Electoral Vote by a huge margin.

He had a seven-point advantage in the final poll.

And the race in Pennsylvania was a tighter one.

In Pennsylvania, Bush had a nine-point edge in the poll.

But his margin of victory in Pennsylvania narrowed to two points, to Clinton’s nine-percentage-point margin.

The president was still leading Clinton by six points

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