How a New Political Cartoon Explains the Future of Texas Politics

A new political cartoon from Texas artist Eric Tickel shows Texas as a nation of immigrants, while simultaneously highlighting Texas’ history as a place where political violence was rampant.

The cartoon is called “What is the Texas Politics?” and it was created by artist Eric Tincknell.

Tickel was born in Austin, Texas and graduated from Austin College of Art and Design in 2006.

He spent a year in New York City as an intern at the Museum of Modern Art and then started a freelance cartooning career.

The Texas political cartoon shows Texas being a nation divided by race, gender, and ideology, as the state’s politicians are all white.

Tincknell created the political cartoon because he was frustrated with the state of Texas politics, especially as it relates to the Lone Star State’s current political climate.

“Texas has always been a state where politicians are really good at playing the race card,” he told The Next World.

“The current election cycle has really been about race.”

Tickels cartoons show a Texas-Mexican woman who is not only a good natured Texan but also a well-known supporter of Donald Trump.

The woman is also a political opponent of the state.

“This is a Texas politics that is very much about identity politics,” he said.

“We want to see the Mexican community and the Latino community in Texas and to show that Texas has always had a strong identity.”

The political cartoon illustrates Texas’ deep racial divide.

Texas is one of the only two states in the country that doesn’t require voters to present a government-issued photo ID, meaning that some undocumented immigrants are unable to vote in the state because they don’t have the proper documents.

In the political cartoons, the Hispanic woman in the background is seen supporting Trump, while her Mexican-American neighbor is supporting the Texas Democratic Party.

The political cartoons also show Texas politicians trying to control the political discourse.

“I think the Texas politics are about identity,” Tinckell said.

In one of his cartoons, a woman walks into the lobby of a Capitol building and says, “What are you doing?

We don’t want to vote!”

A man in a suit walks by, exclaiming, “Well, I’m voting!”

The cartoon also shows a Texas politician making the case for a more welcoming attitude toward undocumented immigrants.

“There is nothing worse than having a Hispanic person in the room,” Tincckels said.

“[This is] a person who has never lived in Texas, and I have lived in Houston, but I am a Texan.”

The cartoon illustrates a Texas state where some politicians are not afraid to say what they really think.

“It’s about being a Texa,” Tincker said.

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