The most important thing to understand about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign

The biggest challenge to the Republican front-runner’s presidency will be persuading the nation’s voters that he’s not a dangerous ideologue. 

In a series of televised rallies on Thursday, Mr Trump will highlight his support for free trade and free trade deals, arguing that the TPP and TTIP will boost the US economy by at least $200 billion. 

Mr Trump will also claim he will “win” the US election if he wins the White House on November 8, as he promised in a speech at his campaign rally in Virginia on Thursday. 

However, there are questions about the credibility of these claims. 

A number of analysts and pundits have questioned whether Mr Trump’s election win was a sham, and if he’s the one with the momentum. 

“I think he’s a winner,” former President Barack Obama said on Fox News in March. ABC/wires “If you look at the things that he says and the things he did in the campaign, there’s a lot of things that don’t line up with reality,” said Paul Ryan, a former Republican vice-presidential candidate and the co-author of The Great Divergence: How the American Economy Has Collapsed. 

“[It’s] the big-picture stuff that matters, the economic stuff that is going to drive economic growth.” 

The biggest challenge Mr Trump faces is convincing Americans that he is a credible president. 

The US electorate has a tendency to view presidents in terms of their policy credentials, which is why most polls suggest that Mr Trump is on track to win the White, despite a slew of scandals, a potential coronavirus pandemic and a US economy teetering on the brink of recession. 

On Thursday, in a campaign rally that will air on Fox, Mr Clinton will also promise to win if he is elected. 

Trump will say he will keep Americans safe, he will protect them from terrorism, he is not a bigot, he won’t build a wall on the Mexican border and he will repeal Obamacare. 

He will say the US can keep manufacturing jobs, he can help the middle class, he has strong economic credentials and he’s going to do what’s right for our country. 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said it would not be “reckless” to campaign in states that Mr Romney won in 2012, which included Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

But many voters may not want to hear those messages, particularly if Mr Trump has made them part of his campaign. 

Despite Mr Trump being a candidate, he’s only a part of the political landscape. 

Even before he became the Republican nominee in June 2016, Mr Obama was seen as the frontrunner, having won the nomination in 2008 and 2012. 

This is partly because Mr Obama is unpopular, with a dismal approval rating of 50 per cent, according to a Gallup poll published last year. 

Donald Trump will claim to be the “best candidate to beat Hillary Clinton” He also has to compete with former US Vice-President Joe Biden, who has become a figure of hope among some Democrats in recent months. 

If Mr Biden is elected, Mr Biden will have to defend his record of campaigning against Mr Trump during his first term as president, and it’s not clear how he will do this. 

Vice-President Biden was the only sitting president to campaign for Mr Trump in 2016, but that was in part because the former vice-President was unable to campaign against Mr Romney in the 2012 election. 

Since then, the President has campaigned for Mr Biden, and he has made a series or appearances in battleground states in the hopes of wooing the Vice-Presidents vote. 

Former US President Bill Clinton Mr Biden is also facing an uphill battle in convincing voters that the Democrat is a viable candidate. 

President Barack Obama’s approval rating was underwater when he was elected in 2008. 

 According to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University last year, the approval rating for President Obama was just 40 per cent in February and May, compared with 70 per cent for Mr Romney and 70 per one for Vice-Govt Biden. 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is seen as having more of a shot at winning the Republican nomination. 

With Mr Trump as the Republican frontrunner, it’s likely that the President will have more support among the party’s base. 

According the Quinnipac poll, Republicans and Democrats both trust Mr Trump more than Mr Biden to handle foreign policy, while Mr Trump also has a higher approval rating among Republicans. 

Democrats will need to woo Mr Trump to their base in order to win elections, because the Republican Party is not popular in the country, with only 47 per cent of Americans approving of the job Mr Trump does as President. 

Many Republican voters are concerned that Mr Biden and Mr Trump are not on the same page. 

During the 2016 campaign, Mr Ryan campaigned against Mr

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