How will the Trump-Pence ticket handle identity politics?

On Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence will take the oath of office.

They’ll take the first step in their new jobs as president and vice president, and in the process they’ll be faced with a unique set of challenges.

Here’s what we know.


Will they be able to run the country?

The job of president is to lead the country, but presidents often get their hands dirty, often as governors or as a presidential candidate.

In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama called on Americans to “take action” and “do the hard work of rebuilding our economy, protecting our freedoms, and making our democracy stronger.”

The Trump team has signaled a willingness to take on the president’s office, but the job of running the country remains an ambiguous one.

The president and the vice president will face the question of who will have the power to enact his agenda and what role those actions should play in a functioning democracy.

They may have the ability to pass legislation, and they may not.

But they can’t legislate the Constitution.

And they certainly can’t impose their views on the federal government.

The fact that the president has the power and the ability, however, to unilaterally do so has created a unique political challenge for the new administration.


Will this new administration have the same power as the previous one?

President Donald Trump is expected to push a variety of controversial policies and initiatives during his first year in office.

One of those initiatives is a travel ban, which will prevent people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the U.S. for 90 days.

It’s a controversial move that Trump has called a “Muslim ban.”

But some legal experts say the executive order isn’t constitutional.

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Harvard Law professor Jonathan Turley argues that “the ban on people from six Muslim-majority countries was designed to keep Muslims out of the country.”

And he argues that it is unconstitutional because it fails to protect the United States from terrorism.

The Trump administration has already argued that it’s necessary to protect Americans from foreign threats.

Turley, who is a Trump appointee to the National Labor Relations Board, argued in the op-, “If you are an American and you are targeted by a foreign power and you feel you are being subjected to racial profiling, discrimination, and other unconstitutional governmental action, you have a legitimate fear of being attacked.”

Turley wrote that he agrees with Trump that “we need to be vigilant” and that “our country needs to be secure and we need to do what it takes to defend it.”

But he also argued that “if you are a Muslim, you cannot be targeted because you are Muslim, because the Constitution gives you certain rights.”


Will there be more diversity in the new president’s administration?

The Trump administration, which includes a large number of white men, has already begun to diversify its Cabinet.

The new president will also be expected to fill other key positions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be the most visible of these.

He was Trump’s first choice for attorney general, and he has since endorsed him.

He will be replacing David Shulkin, who served as attorney general under President George W. Bush.

He has long advocated for diversity in government.

But it’s unclear how much of his portfolio will go to minorities.

He’ll likely have a larger portfolio of issues, including the Justice Department’s civil rights division, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U,S.

Customs and Border Protection, and the Labor Department.

He also has the opportunity to appoint several more members of his Cabinet.


Will the new government include a diversity of viewpoints?

The White House has promised to support diversity in all positions.

But the new White House also has to address some of the most controversial issues in American politics.

For example, a federal judge who blocked Trump’s travel ban has sued the new Trump administration.

The case, which has been referred to a federal appeals court, asks whether the president can force courts to consider a federal district court’s ruling on a constitutional question.

In response, the White House released a statement saying the judge’s lawsuit is “based on a baseless and erroneous interpretation of a federal statute that was not intended to serve as a basis for an executive order.”


Will it include the First Amendment?

The president has promised a “diverse America” and a “free press.”

But the president also has vowed to protect those rights, which include freedom of expression and the press.

That includes the right to express one’s religious beliefs.

The Constitution provides for the freedom of the press, which means it must be free to report on issues and individuals that conflict with those beliefs.

But this new White Trump administration is expected not to adhere to that principle.


Will those protections extend to transgender people?

Transgender people have

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