How to build a Facebook political advertising platform

Political advertising is not a new thing, and it’s only getting more complicated.

With Facebook’s new tools, it’s easy to build political advertising platforms that can run on top of the social network.

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Read morePolitical ads, which are not a part of Facebook’s ad inventory, are used by political groups and groups with specific interests in an issue.

The advertising can be tailored to the group or issue and is targeted at specific audiences.

Facebook offers several tools for political advertisers.

One of the more advanced and powerful tools for ad developers is Facebook Ads SDK, which allows developers to create Facebook ads and manage the advertising campaign.

The SDK also provides an easy-to-use API for developers to integrate with Facebook’s social platform.

This SDK also gives Facebook a chance to build better ads, but there’s no guarantee that all the ads will be created correctly.

This article looks at some of the issues developers have when building campaigns on Facebook.

First, it may be worth to start by checking out the Facebook SDK, and to ensure that you’re using the SDK correctly.

If you’re unsure about which SDK you’re installing, try installing it in the following order:1.

Go to Settings > Ads & More and select the SDK you want to install.2.

Select the “Create New” tab.3.

Select a platform for the platform.4.

Under the “Platforms” section, select Facebook Ads (or any of the other SDKs).5.

Choose the SDK for your platform.6.

The ad should be built.

If it’s not, check that the SDK has been installed correctly, and make sure you have the right version of the SDK.

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